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Ever since I was an 8 year old, walking into an amusement arcade has always filled me with excitement.

Arcades have their own smell

 (I'm not sure what that smell is but I know it when I smell it!!!)

Arcades have their own noises which include bleeps, blurps and digitised voices proclaiming something or other. 

<"POWER UP!!">

Arcades produce that excitement as you try and locate one of your fave games to drop a pound into the coin slot.

For me, Pole Position II was my first Arcade game that I would hunt down on every visit to the amusement Arcade in whichever Seaside Town I was in.

It was a game that I always thought was pretty fair to the player who played it as it enabled you to get a bit of value for your 20p.

Later on into the early 90's I had an unhealthy obsession with the footy game Tecmo World Cup 90 ,Golden Axe and Altered Beast

Then later on there was Street Fighter 2 and NBA JAM which for me were the ultimate multiplayer arcade machines.

Nowadays my dream Arcade game to locate is the OUT RUN cabinet with the sit down car surround and built in speakers with hydraulics!

Back in June 2013 Games Freezer visited Sandown in The Isle Of Wight to bring you 

"Sun, Sea, Sand & Arcade Games" 

We showed you the plethora of cool arcade games on offer in the beautiful Isle Of Wight.

This year we went back again in June to to visit two classic amusement arcade destinations for more Arcade game finds

Historic Shanklin was the first stop on our Arcade game mystery tour and then onto the busy town of Ryde.

Take a look with us at our photo album of some of our great finds from "The Island"


On our trip to Ryde we located a great amusement Arcade by the name of ARCADIA which is located near to the main pier.

As soon as we stepped foot inside this cavernous building we knew that there would be some treasures lurking inside.

Look what we found......

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"The Arcade Graveyard" 

In a hidden corner of Arcadia, behind a line of machines we spied an arcade machine graveyard......

There were many cabinets that no longer worked lined up and we secretly took a look at what great relics they had and which ones we would love to give a home to...

This Space Invaders Cabinet was just begging to be renovated and brought back to its former glory......

Then we located a dusty but great X Men four player cabinet that just needed some TLC.....
Not 100% sure what the sellotaped piece of paper says on the joystick area though???

Then there was a lonely Enduro Racer cab with the full motorbike setup! Oh how we'd love that in The Freezer!

"The Main Arcade"
Now into the Main Arcade we went to search through some of the classic Arcades that were on offer.......

The jewel in the crown was a bit of a let down as it swallowed our 50p however, it's so rare to find one of these that we were just happy to get a good picture of it!

Asteroids - 1979
 A lovely example of this classic arcade machine..

Hard Drivin - 1989
The moving steering wheel sure is sp00ky!

A Lovely 4 Player Cabinet Version

So Much fun playing Point blank in 2 player mode!

Next up was Ryde Super Bowl which is primarily a ten pin bowling alley but with a small selection of some recent Arcade games in the main foyer.

Take a look at what we discovered....

 Speed Flyer - ????
We couldn't find anything on this bad boy......very strange

Terminator Salvation, ArcadeArcade Arcade, Games Freezer
And ......Finally we also discovered this amazing Air Hockey Table in Shanklin.
Not only is it Pac Man Air Hockey but it also releases multiple pucks at set times during the game!!

It's a brilliant 4 Player Air Hockey Game called PAC MAN SMASH that is totally addictive and fun to play!

If you find this beauty....you gotta play it!

Here's one more treat for you Arcade heads. 

This was a lovely brand new looking Need For Speed Carbon 2 Player Cabinet, Always lots of fun....

Arcade, Games freezer

Do You Get As Excited As We Do When We Visit An Amusement Arcade?

What's Your Favourite Arcade In The Whole Wide World to Visit?

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