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Having read the tale of Game "retiring" their most loyal customer's loyalty card I was inspired by the words of their most loyal customer, Dr Karen Wolstencroft.

Dr Wolstencroft and her family now have the pleasure of receiving free video games for the next ten years along with GAME shares as a bonus.

Dr Wolstencroft from Cambridge said ,  

“I’m a mum of four and gaming is a big part of our family downtime together.  

 Between work, school and sport we all have busy lives and gaming is our favourite way to relax.  

 I’ve lost count of the number of titles that we’ve purchased over the years but when GAME got in touch and told me that we are their most loyal and passionate customers, I was delighted!  

 It was completely unexpected and we can’t wait to receive the latest upcoming titles on the house!

“My absolute favourite game is Tomb Raider- I’ve played every edition since it first launched and I’ve loved them all! But it doesn’t stop there, we play everything from FIFA to Just Dance, either separately or as a family.  

That’s the great thing about gaming, it really brings us all together and you can escape into a game just like you can a good book!”

Upon reading this, we thought that this was a marvellous take on video gaming.

We always hear about how gaming is robbing children of their childhood. Video games are stopping children from going outside to play sport, Video games make children unsocial or even anti social. 

Surely the example that Dr Wolstencroft gives here proves that video games can bring families together. How great is it that parents and children can share game time together or even game alone sometimes but still share the passion for gaming.

We like to highlight the way gaming is good if it is used correctly in a considered way and this is a great example of just that.

What was especially nice to see was the mention of sport in there too. Work, School and Sport can all sit alongside gaming and putting all those activities together as a family gives a great balance.

Here in the Freezer we grew up playing Video Games and Playing Football (with some School thrown in there) and we grew up to be respectable adults who still love to game.

We say well done GAME for honouring their most loyal and well done Karen Wolstencroft for creating a great gaming family......

As we all know, "Those who game together stay together"
Do You Share Your Passion Of Gaming With Your Loved Ones?

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Video Games

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