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I'm a long time Championship Manager Fan, since the days of CM93 on Amiga and also an ancient Football Manager fan since the days FM on the Speccy.

With that in mind I've seen both series evolve immensely over the last 30 years...

The management sim genre has seen a shift each time towards more involving and complex gameplay whereby you can have a say in literally every part of 'your club' and how it's run.

That kind of gameplay has meant heaven for gamers with a whole weekend to orchestrate their attack on the division title and cup glory...

But as I've gotten older I've had less free time to plot Spurs' rise to Champions League grandeur and therefore haven’t purchased any of the recent FM or CM games because I know it's going to take me 8 hours to sort out my transfer targets, training regime and backroom staff.

I've wanted to go back to the days of CM93 where you pick your team make a few signings and away you go...

Until recently I haven’t managed to find a game that gives me my footy manager fix without me needing to put aside at least a month of my life to play it.

Then while browsing the Google Play store I saw that Champ Man 14 by Square Enix is now free and looked kinda cool.

I thought I might as well give it a go as it was free and I can't resist a footy manager sim...

I downloaded it onto the Nexus and away I went!

2 weeks later and its got me!! 

I love it. It's gone back to the old school simple gameplay that I remember from CM 93 and yet has enough complexity to keep my interest while I play in short bursts. 

It is a Freemium game but you don't have to purchase anything in order to progress at a decent pace.

Yes there's room for improvement in what it does offer but that's always the way with a casual manager simulation.

I suggest that if you're a long time CM fan you need to give Champ Man 14 a go.....I reckon you might just L♡VE it!!

Well Done Square Enix, i'm now In Love With Champ Man AGAIN!!

What's Your Favourite Mobile Or Tablet Footy Manager Game?


Champ Man 14, Retrogaming

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