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Some Great Friday Retrogaming Reading 

Friday is a day for us to soak up all there is in the way great Video Games Articles….

So after extensively searching the World Wide Web we have come up with 5 great articles to ease your way into the weekend with…..

Take a look and see which ones take your fancy…..

1. "Commodore 64" - A Great Article Devoted To The Commodore 64 And What Made It So Great - By The RetroGamer Team


2. "SONIC The HedgeHog" - What about this beauty from IGN entitles '21 Crazy Facts About Sonic And The ConsoleWar HE Started' You'll Love This!


3. "SEGA 16 Website" - Why not start reading the wonderfully crafted SEGA 16 Website TODAY as the dudes there celebrate 10 Years online….


4. "Shining Force" - Here's a great article all about "Shining Force" on the SEGA Genesis / MegaDrive 


5. "RetroN5 Console" - Let's take a closer look at the brilliant RetroN5


Why Not Have One More BONUS Link For Luck! 

"Seattle Retro Game Expo" - A great piece about the guy who runs the Seattle Retrogaming Show and what he defines as the best video games of all time

What Will Be Your Video Game Reading Of Choice This Weekend? 

(Internet or Book)

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