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How About Uncle Games Freezer Treats YOU To Another Piece Of Retrogaming Goodness.....

We've spied another beauty of a website for you to explore......

"The Classic Gamer" is a great looking site that covers Video Games and Board Games and as you can imagine we were in heaven when we discovered this cool website!

Therefore we'd like you to also sample this great website so we've pulled together 5 articles from The Classic Gamer that we recommend YOU read now.....

OK, so this is your Retrogaming Homework:


Read These 5 Links And Report Back To Games Freezer With Your Findings.....

1. "Spin Offs The Good & The Bad"

2. "Metal Gear" NES Review

3. Batman - "From Picture To Pixels"

4. Strider - SEGA Genesis

5. The Power Of Nostalgia


You Are A Fast Reader!!

Anyway, What Did You Think Of "The Classic Gamer" Website?

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