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We have pulled together 5 of our favourite looking upcoming video games releases for you to take a peek at and decide which ones you'd like to play.

Take a look at these 5 exciting new video games releases that will be winging their way to a screen near you SOON!

We've compiled all the Press Release info and screenshots that we could find into one place so as you can get an inkling as to whether you think you're going to like these C★★L NEW GAMES!

First Up Is:

1.Project Temporality

Available on Steam May 20, 2014

"Swedish indie game developer, Defrost Games, is proud to announce that Project Temporality launches on Steam on May 20th, 2014.

“We want to share the mind blowing experience of single player cooperation with everyone, you will really think about time differently after playing this game.” says Niklas Hansson, Founder Defrost Games.

Project Temporality is a third person action/puzzle game built around the concept of allowing the player to play with time.

Thanks to our propriety engine Sparta 3D we make the fourth dimension as available as the other three. Just as with a VCR you can rewind time or fast-forward through it seamlessly.

Combining this and our time line concept you will solve mind-twisting puzzles, by giving yourself a helping hand.

Any time you need a friend, you can be that friend. Create a new timeline at any time/any place there are no restrictions.

This game is all about giving you full freedom in four dimensions.

Exploring the environment will take you through a story line about human oppression as experienced by people from all walks of life, we feel strongly that stories in games should try to communicate something to the players but without forcing it on them. Some will only see it as a game and some will dig deeper.

Most of all we just hope that you will enjoy the result of our years of evenings and weekends.

So, rewind time, split it into parallel lanes and become your own ally!"

2. In Verbis Virtus

Available on Steam Early Access on May 22

"In Verbis Virtus" allows you to step into the shoes of a wizard and cast spells pronouncing them for real using a microphone.

You'll find yourself in a lost temple in a remote desert in search of an ancient source of knowledge.

The magic of your voice will be the only weapon you have to deal with monsters, enigmas and traps.

"In Verbis Virtus" mixes action elements and puzzles in a fantasy setting with a complex background that you will discover in the course of the adventure.

  • Evoke old magic with your voice, using Maha'ki language, the language of the gods.
  • Use your spells to solve the enigmas that block your path.
  • Face evil creatures with your arcane powers.
  • Discover the history of the mysterious protagonist and of the decadent world that surrounds him.
  • Explore the dangerous depths of the Temple.
  • First-person view with spectacular graphics based on Unreal Engine"

3. Loading Human

“The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Monkey Island in virtual reality” – Untold Games announces Oculus Rift-compatible virtual reality adventure game | www.loadinghuman.com

"Untold Games announced Loading Human – a Virtual Reality adventure game powered by groundbreaking controls and set in a thrilling sci-fi world. 

In Loading Human, players take on the role of André Gibson, a writer who is forced to relive his memories in order to be successfully transferred into a robot body and reunite with his beloved wife, Michelle.

With a high concept of “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Monkey Island in virtual reality”, Loading Human is the evolution of the classic ‘point ‘n click’ adventure videogame, utilising the recent advancements in VR technology to provide an unprecedented level of immersion. 

Untold Games has released a gameplay trailer that demonstrates how Loading Human revolutionises the adventure game genre using the latest VR and motion sensor controllers.

Loading Human has been developed to support the latest VR technology like the forthcoming Oculus RiftTM headset, and motion-based controllers like Sixense STEMTM and Razer HydraTM, which will simulate the player’s hand movements.

The player will naturally interact with the world: pick-up objects, open them or use them just like they would in real life. 

Whilst experiencing Loading Human, players will hear André's thoughts, control his body with their own, and live his life while the story unravels itself around them.

The original idea for Loading Human came from Italian actor and filmmaker Flavio Parenti (I Am Love, Le Ombre Rosse, and Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love), who became fascinated by Oculus RiftTM and the latest motion-control technology, seeing their potential to provide new levels of interactive immersion for a wider gaming audience. 

Parenti collaborated with Untold Games and a screenwriter colleague to evolve the Loading Human concept into the game revealed today.

Flavio Parenti, Game Designer and Art Director said:
“The advances in VR and motion-sensor technology have allowed us to create a new level of immersion with Loading Human, and we are excited to provide a glimpse of what awaits players when they experience life through André Gibson’s eyes, hands and movements.”

Loading Human will be released for Windows and Mac OS later this year. As well as the Oculus RiftTM headset, Loading Human will also be playable with a standard monitor and a supported motion-based controller."

4. Warside

"Warside is currently undergoing a Greenlight campaign on Steam and is set for a full release on PC in 2014.

Set against a futuristic backdrop of three powerful rival factions attempting to dominate the galaxy, Warside is a balanced mix of platformer, shooter and RPG where team co-ordination is essential for success on the battlefield.

Players will be divided in to leagues, depending on the level of their character, to ensure battles are fair and balanced and where the outcome is determined by skill and tactics rather than having all the best weapons and perks. 

Once players progress to a certain level within their league, they will then be ‘promoted’ to the next league up where they will then gain access to a variety of new skills and equipment, making their character more powerful for the challenges ahead.

As with all great online multiplayer shooters, Warside will launch with a variety of PvP and co-op battle modes to challenge players skill and teamwork to the limit."

The brand new trailer can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1kzjDImrNo

For more information on Warside and to get behind the future of tactical multiplayer squad shooters, head to Steam Greenlight at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=242674873

5. Never Alone

Never Alone is expected to launch in the fall of this year as a downloadable title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

In Never Alone, players take on the roles of Nuna, a young Iñupiaq girl and an Arctic fox, in an atmospheric puzzle platformer that combines traditional folklore, stories, settings, and characters handed down over many generations by Alaska Native people whose roots and heritage date back millennia.
Featuring imagery and themes drawn directly from Iñupiat and other Alaska Native cultures, Never Alone features striking visuals, emphasizes the sensibilities and perspective of these indigenous Arctic people and requires players to work cooperatively to succeed in challenging and harsh environments.

So that's 5 of our favourite games in the making.....


Which One Do You like The Look Of Best?

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