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You're pummeling your opponent to within a 10th of their remaining life bar when you get to point that you can either finish them off with a mis timed soft punch to the arm or you could unleash an almighty finishing manoeuvre that lights up the screen and makes time itself sllllllllooooowwwww down.......

For all the button bashers out there its a case of a mistimed jab will do as long as you win.......

BUT .... For those Video Game Beat Em Up connoisseurs out there, finishing off the opponent MUST be accomplished stylishly with MAXIMUM WOW FACTOR!

So, what are the Top 5 Favourite Special Moves as judged by ☆The Games Freezer☆ ?

Let's crack on find out shall we......


5. Haggar & Zangief - "Spinning Piledriver"

We think Haggar's actually looks better, but Zangief is the original Spinning Piledriver King!

4. Sub Zero"Fatality, Babality & Friendship"MK2

We Love Sub-Zero and Mortal Kombat 2 sees old Subby being given some mega cool special moves to master..........FINISH HIM!

3. Vega "Flying Barcelona"

When we saw Vega climb up the fence and attack us it blew our minds! A character who can climb fences and attack us.....ooooh he's TOUGH!!

2. Yoda "Critical Finish"

Let's get this straight, Yoda is the epitome of cool....
He's a hero to all Nerds & Geeks
So when this badass little dude has his own finishing move, you gotta just sit back and admire as he goes to work..........

1. Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Marvel vs Capcom games are always choc full of amazing special moves and M vs. C3 doesn't disappoint at all......You just gotta check out She Hulk and her "Road Rage" move(29 seconds in)......
$uper Cool!

Well that was a tough job!


How did we do?


Which Moves Would Make Your Top 5? 

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Street Fighter 2, Video Games

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