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I don't usually go for the latest craze in mobile gaming as it's usually shovelware or a 2 minute fad of gaming hyped up by the press and pushed in peoples faces for 2 weeks only to disappear and never be seen again


(or in Flappy Bird's Case, to disappear and magically reappear in a few months time after everyone has been convinced that their video gaming life is missing some kind of badly executed flying mechanic)


Anyway, then along came "Make It Rain"…….


I picked up on this game while sifting through my Google Alerts and somehow it found it's way into the Retro Gamer alert…Hmmmm???


Upon reading the article, I dismissed the game and carried on sifting. 


Then after searching video games news on Google I stumbled across "Make It Rain" AGAIN…..


This time it was an article on how it is making $50k a day.


It's at this point that I took notice of this so called phenomenon and I proceeded to download "MAKE IT RAIN" from the Google Play Store....

 My day was about to be taken over over by £ signs!

Having downloaded the Make It Rain Game onto my Android I opened it up to be greeted by a wad of money…..and that was it…


I started to wonder whether the game was working or not and then remembered that the game was all about 'swiping' a wad of money to make money….simple eh!?

So….swipe swipe swipe….swipe swipe swipe swipe…..SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE 
and the money counter went up in multiples of £1….
What's the point of all this swiping I hear you cry……

Well, lets have a look shall we?

There's a running total at the top of the screen that shows your current total of cash in £.
Underneath that there's an indication of how much money you are earning per second currently. 

This increases as you swipe your wad or buy certain investments using your hard earned / swiped cash.

Once you have swiped enough cash you get the opportunity to buy a bucket! 
Yes, that's right a BUCKET.

The bucket is an important mechanism in the game as it earns money when you are not swiping (e.g when the game is running in the backround) 

You can customise the capacity of your bucket and also the money it earns for you by buying investments with your hard earned cash….

When you think you have enough in your bucket and you want to cash out you can collect the bucket money and take the total back down to zero and the per hour funds will begin to fill the bucket again…..Got it?

£ £ £ £ £ £ 
Now it's time to look at the investments that are available to you. 

The investments are displayed on the bottom of the screen and there are four icons that represent:

Financial Investments (Graph)

Business Investments (Briefcase)

Political Investments (Four Column Structure)

SUPERCHARGE (Lightning Bolt)

Financial Investments allow you to earn money WITHOUT swiping.
You can invest in such items as "Piggy Bank" - "Mattress" - "Comic Book Collection" and these items will increase your earnings per second figure.

Business Investments allow you to earn more money PER SWIPE.
These come in the form of items such as your very own Fast Food Chain, Casino or even a Paper Round. 

The per swipe amount will increase by the amount denoted on the money note icon on the right.

Political Investments enable you to increase your bucket capacity and also how much your bucket earns oper hour.
Some of the options open to you in this category are….Hire A PR Person, Donate To A Politician, Hire A Lobbyist or even BUY A LOCAL JUDGE!

Supercharge asks you to undertake certain tasks in order to be rewarded with various financial benefits such as doubling of your financials rate, doubling your earnings rate and doubling your cash rate.

In order to take advantage of these offers you are asked to download a particular app, connect to Facebook, invite Facebook friends to download the game or make an "in app" purchase….

Watch out though as the FBI may come a knocking as they open up an investigation into financial affairs......

This is played out in a Game Of Life style as you get to spin a wheel to decide your fate…..at this point you also get the opportunity to bribe the FBI…….use it wisely as you get limited bribes to utilise.

So….after a days play of this game what is my honest opinion?

This game teaches you that it useless just to make money as you realise that you have to speculate to accumulate.
I can see exactly why people will find this game addictive….it's simple to play and  for a casual gamer who commutes to work it will present an ideal opportunity to concentrate on something other than someone’s armpit in your face.

The simple mechanic does however hide a more complex underbelly as you start to realise how important your bucket and other investments are in order to get your earnings up to a certain level.

I think the thing that is missing for me though is a league table to work out what you are aiming to reach or beat in terms of earnings.

One things for sure though, I really like the presentation of the game overall and how each part is clearly displayed with no tricky sub menus to navigate as what you see is what you get.

Overall this is definitely not the kind of game I'd normally play but it has now got right under my skin as the Money Rains down continuously on the front screen almost tempting you to start a swiping frenzy!!


Have You Played Make It Rain Yet?

Let Me Know What You Think Of It... 

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