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☆Have You played Make It Rain?☆ @SpaceInch #GamersUnite #MakeItRain

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I don't usually go for the latest craze in mobile gaming as it's usually shovelware or a 2 minute fad of gaming hyped up by the press and pushed in peoples faces for 2 weeks only to disappear and never be seen again


(or in Flappy Bird's Case, to disappear and magically reappear in a few months time after everyone has been convinced that their video gaming life is missing some kind of badly executed flying mechanic)


Anyway, then along came "Make It Rain"…….


I picked up on this game while sifting through my Google Alerts and somehow it found it's way into the Retro Gamer alert…Hmmmm???


Upon reading the article, I dismissed the game and carried on sifting. 


Then after searching video games news on Google I stumbled across "Make It Rain" AGAIN…..


This time it was an article on how it is making $50k a day.


It's at this point that I took notice of this so called phenomenon and I proceeded to download "MAKE IT RAIN" from the Google Play Store....

 My day was about to be taken over over by £ signs!

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