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Our resident wizened old gamer has travelled the worl in search of cool collectibles and has some stories to tell aswell as some C☆☆L pictures to show you of his finest video games related acquisitions!

Put your feet up and relax as we bring YOU 

"Pang Man Part 7 - Cool Collectibles"


"One of my main dreams is to basically dedicate a huge room in my house to gaming.
I would fill it with all the classic consoles from the last 20 years as well as classic arcade machines like Streetfighter II Turbo, Tekken 2, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and Time Crisis 2. 
I would install an Air hockey table and 6 racing arcade cabinets (maybe Daytona?) and then invite my mates round for some friendly multiplayer competition. 
The room would be decorated with retro gaming posters and filled with gaming and anime figurines of my favourite characters.  
Unfortunately space and money has prevented me from achieving this dream, but this hasn’t stopped me from picking up a few gaming collectibles along the way as a start. 
Every time I go travelling (especially to Asia), I will always make sure I pop into stores selling gaming/anime merchandise.
Most recently I found a shop selling a Lego Mario! (Well technically it wasn’t Lego- but it was basically made up of small blocks that you build –so close enough!) 
It was pretty fun to put together (although a pain if you drop and it and you had to start again!) and looks pretty cool when displayed.

C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_145034.jpg

C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_144924.jpg

In the same store they also had a building block version of Yoshi on sale (which I now regret not buying) as well as a pretty cool Charmander from Pokemon. 

I also have some Final Fantasy figurines as well!
Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII. (This is my favourite of my collectibles!)
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\New Folder\20140526_214120.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\New Folder\20140526_214101.jpg

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\New Folder\20140526_212335.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\New Folder\20140526_212412.jpg

And Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\New Folder\20140526_213158.jpg
In another store I picked up this Neon Genesis Evangelion statue! 
Well actually it was 3 separate figurines purchased separately that you could interlink when you had the full set.
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_125310.jpg C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140503_164202.jpg http://admintell.napco.com/ee/images/uploads/gamertell/neon_genesis_evangelion_magokoro_wo_kimini.jpg
From Naruto, I found these mini figurines for Naruto and Sasuke
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_145330.jpg
And Gaara, Itachi and Tobi!
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_145257.jpg
And from Death Note, I found mini figures for Yagami Light, L, Ryuk, Agame Misa
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_144807.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_145441(0).jpg
I picked up this Hatsune Miku statue from a store in Taiwan. This one came with interchangeable limbs and faces.
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_145204.jpg C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140510_145149.jpg
And finally, in HMV (of all places!) I picked up this soft toy plush Tepig from Pokemon.
C:\Users\J\Documents\GAME FREEZA\New Folder (2)\20140524_101722.jpg http://wallpapers87.com/wallpapers/Pokemon-Tepig-Oshawott-Snivy-_710489-13.jpg
When I was younger I had loads of Dragonball Z posters and cards (which I stupidly gave away!) and I also gave away a CD with the Streetfighter 2 soundtrack on it (which was a brilliant freebie given away with an issue of Super Play magazine!). I really wish I had kept it now. (I've still got that! - Richard)
My aim is to keep adding to my collection bit by bit, so that one day, when I do get my dedicated games room, I will be able to display them properly.  
In terms of collectibles for games that I would like to get one day, I am keen to get some Streetfighter 2 figurines, as well as a giant plush Goomba from Super Mario (to add to the Boo that I already have).
I have noticed that the new Mario Kart on the Wii U can be bought as a deluxe version which comes with a Blue shell statue, however I hate Blue shells, so I will give that a miss! (Well Said!! - Richard)
So that’s it in terms of my collection, I hope you enjoyed viewing some of my gaming/anime merchandise and I will hopefully provide an update when I get more stuff! Thanks for listening."
Pang Man

What Cool Collectibles Do You Own?
What's Your Favourite Collectible? 
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