☆Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 3 - "Are You A Lock Picker OR A Computer Hacker?" ☆ #GamersUnite

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Games Freezer, Fallout New Vegas

In Fallout the Lockpick and Computer Hacking skills are art-forms…


Lockpick requires a steady hand as you tease the Bobby Pin inside the lock and try and find the right sweet spot to get the lock to open.


The harder the lock the tougher the sweetspot is to find which will get you entry into the forbidden area.


Computer Hacking on the other hand is a test of logic and problem solving as you scan the words and characters for a clue to the terminal password.


Within the jumbled characters and words there are a number of brackets which ,when in the right order and selected, will take away a 'Dud' password or even replenish your guess allowance.


With the guess allowance set at 4 the Computer Hacking is tough nut to crack as you search for that elusive pword and a <> or a ( )


Once you have cracked the code you then get to view the forbidden information that was being concealed away or even sometimes that terminal will give you access to a particular door that you may not otherwise be able to open.

Games freezer, Fallout New Vegas
As regular players of Fallout the favoured method of intrusion has been Lockpick….
In our opinion Lockpick is more of a mysterious ancient art and the excitement of opening doors that were locked to us is a feeling that is always satisfying to say the least.

The test comes when you come across a very hard lock that requires 100 Lockpick skill…..
Currently whilst playing Fallout New Vegas we have come across the inhospitable Boomers and their barrage of high explosives….
Taking the advice of George, the dude who is loitering around Boomer territory we have attempted to traverse the territory utilising houses as cover…unfortunately this has been highly unsuccessful….

In a search for a safer route through "BOOMERSVILLE" Dana (our character) stumbled across a locked door to a subway tunnel that we are guessing goes right into BOOMERS Territory….rubbing our hands it felt like finally we had cracked it when we realised that this lock was a very hard and required 100 Lockpick skill!!!

It's now up to Dana to scour the land for side quests and enemies to despatch in order to boost that XP and get and move up a Level so as to hit the 100 Lockpick skill………

So, What Are You?


A Lockpicker or a Computer Hacker?


Let Us Know In The Cool Cold Comments Box Below

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