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My laptop has packed up.........

Therefore I've gone back to basics as I write this post on my NEXUS 7 ......

Don't get me wrong, I love my Nexus but for some reason it doesn't feel right pulling a post together for Games Freezer using it and it also means I've got to use the Blogger app.......

which in my opinion is kind of derisory..... There, I've said it! I've dissed a Google app!!!! 
Anyway, back to the matter in hand, I would like to share with you my favourite retrogaming stories from the week so far.......

Please enjoy my nineties style Naked web links as I'm struggling to tidy them up using my NEXUS! 

Super Mario World - Game Of Thrones

Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Talk 90s Consoles

7 Weird Console Wars Facts!

Retro Gaming Night - Cambridge 2014

8 Bit Forrest Gump !

My Favourite Has To Be 8 Bit Forrest Bump!

What's Your Favourite?

Let Me Know In The Cool Cold Comments Box Below.....

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