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Inspired by a Tweet from our friends at GamesYouLoved.com we started to think about the Coolest Arcade cabinets over the years which drew us in with their enticing looks and meant that we parted with huge amounts of 50p Coins (3 credits for 50p back in the day!)

So in time honoured Games Freezer tradition we bring you.......


"The Games Freezer Top 5 Arcade Cabinets Of All Time"

Here We Go Then With Our Top 5 Countdown...

5. Title Fight

When we first set eyes on this beauty we just had to fight!

It basically dominates any video games arcade you find it sitting in..... 

Two screens with two joysticks on each controlling each fist of your boxer...

This arcade is a blister inducing rumble and we love it!

4. Hang On

 Just look at that....it's a thing of beauty!

A sleek motorbike for you to hop on and corner like a pro.....

With the screen built into the bike it was you vs the track and what a race it was!

SEGA Hang On You Are The Boss Of Bike Video Games!

3. Star Wars

Once you step inside this Cab you are in Star Wars...

The wireframe world wraps itself around you as you take your seat and are transported into a world of noise and laser fire...

A master-class in Arcade design....what a beauty!

2. After Burner

After Burner had a number of arcade cabinets but this was the one that made us weak at the knees...

Once inside it, the onslaught of being a Fighter Jet Pilot began...

The sound inside the cab was immense and the movement of the cab was just brilliant as you rolled and dived through the skies...

If you ever see this cab hop in and give it a go!

1. Out Run

So our numero uno is our old friend, Out Run.

Out Run has masses of different cabinets that you may have seen, but the one we just love is the Deluxe version where the hydraulics move the car about in all sorts of directions.

Not only that, but the brilliant Out Run soundtrack is pumped into your ear lugs by a nice set of speakers behind your head.

Out Run is a $uper Cool Video Game made even cooler by this awesome arcade cabinet...

Simply Brilliant!

Now where's that bag of 50p's gone?

Let Us Know What Your Favourite Arcade Cabinets Are?

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