★What was the first Video Game you ever completed?★ @C64_endings #retrogaming #GamersUnite

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SEGA Master System, Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Video Games

What was the first Video Game you ever completed?


Mine was Wonder Boy In Monster Land on the SEGA Master System…..

Back in the day of the 8 Bit Console or Computer, games were hard as nails and some didn't even have an ending, they just got faster and harder!!

For me, completing Wonder Boy was a massive thing as I was brought up on playing ATARI XE / XL games which were mega tough and an ending to those games just never happened 
(unless you were playing Steve Davis Snooker which from memory ended after each game!)

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer

The day of the save or even the continue had not quite arrived so the only way to get yourself to a point of completion was to know the game inside out and know exactly where every extra life or heart was hiding so as you could stock up to the maximum!

For the life of me I can't remember how Wonder Boy in Monster Land ended, but I remember the relief of finally beating the final boss and sitting back for what was considered back then a "Cinematic Ending"

(Fast Forward To 9mins 40secs)

My whole outlook to playing Video Games post completion of Wonder Boy was to change from then onwards. 

I was to become an “Ending Junkie” !! ….. 

I needed to see the ending of a game before I could move onto the next game…..
It was to be a need that I still carry into my gaming now.

I know of others who play a game until they get bored of it and in a way I’m jealous that they enjoy games in that fashion but on the other hand surely they are missing out on the glorious spectacle that awaits them once a game is completed and closing act unfolds before them!!

Just think of those crazy elongated complex Metal Gear Solid endings that we’ve grown to Love (& sometimes loathe!)

 or what about the ending to Midnight Resistance *SPOILER ALERT* 
where they hold hands in a circle round the camp fire!


I urge everyone to play their video games until completion, if you have any that are in your collection now that you HAVE NOT completed, 


Although, saying that, I have a confession to make………….
I moved on from "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" BEFORE I completed it *GASP*

For this I am sorry and will return to Cyrodiil one day….

So then, back to my original question,

“What Was The First Video Game You Ever Completed?”

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Video Games
Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Video Games

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