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Call us weird.......Go On Then Call Us Weird!!

BUT We Like Video Games Cases......

There we said it out loud.....it's not a fetish it's just that each video games case over the years has become a part of the video games system that it served character.

Over the years there has been some beauties but we feel that the video game case probably lost it's individuality after the PS1.

After that, video games cases just became generic Video Games CD Cases.

So let us parade some of our favourite video games cases from years gone by.

The cases and the iconic style of Box Art are what we are essentially appreciating here......

So Without Further Ado Take A Look At The Video Games Case Catwalk

The Atari 2600

The simple design of the cardboard box game case was adorned with simple but beautiful box art such as the "PITFALL!" box pictured

Nintendo Entertainment System

Another example of such simple but effective design.
The Box Art just sums the game up in a single pixelated image....PERFECTION

SEGA Master System

Taking its lead from the NES Boxes in their simplistic but effective Box Art, these plastic boxes were adorned with simple images that seemed to be drawn on graph paper......You could tell a SMS box a mile off, truly distinctive....

SEGA Megadrive / Genesis

The SEGA Megadrive / Genesis continued on from the SMS boxes as they were made out of plastic BUT the Box Art became more elaborate with some brilliant examples being seen on so many great games such as the Streets Of Rage series and Earthworm Jim

Nintendo Super Famicom

The Super Famicom Boxes were still the cardboard variety even though their great rivals SEGA had moved onto the plastic style boxes. 
We've chosen the Super Famicom boxes because of the beautiful box art that adorned them gave them so much more character than the U.S and European versions.

SEGA Dreamcast

The square plastic cases were introduced by SEGA for the DreamCast and we fell in love with the CD sized cases along with the beautiful box art that appeared for nearly every great game on the ill fated but never forgotten machine


The Playstation came along and blew everything else out the water and we just loved these little square plastic packages of fun and drama that the PS1 Boxes brought. So many games, so much great box art!

Beyond the PS1 things got kind of dull in our eyes as the standard CD boxes were utilised by the majority of the systems and therefore recognising a system from its game box was no longer the case.....

What's Been Your Favourite Style Of Video Game Box Down The Years?

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