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At the time when I'd decided that my ATARI 800 XE/XL home computer was no longer C☆☆L 

(Oh how wrong was I!!??) 

I got it into my head that I no longer wanted a games machine with a keyboard because everyone at school had a shiny new NES and were playing video games like Super Mario Bros, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Castlevania!

I'm pretty sure that I too wanted,No, Needed! A NES......


Some how I ended up buying a SEGA Master System.....

I suspect this was related to the fact that the SEGA that much cheaper than the NES...

So, after the usual saving up of my pocket money I bought a second hand SEGA Master System out of the LOOT paper (does that even exist anymore?) and it was an absolute beauty!

I now the original BIG BLACK & RED BOX version that always reminded me of a half finished pyramid.

It's looks at the time were futuristic and I was totally enchanted by it....

Coming from playing tapes on my ATARI 800* to slotting in cartridges which would instantly load was like a giant leap into the future for me. 
*the ATARI had a cartridge slot also but nowhere sold the ATARI cartridges round my way!! 

From the point of slotting in my first cartridge and playing Wonder Boy In Monster Land I was smitten with my BIG BLACK & RED BOX...

With my purchase I also got a credit card sized game in the shape of Hang On on the SEGA Card. I was also amazed by the fact that I had a built in game on my S.M.S and it was the Legendary "SNAIL MAZE GAME"

Everything about the SMS was angular and kind of bulky but I loved it...

The control pad was like a wood block with a wire coming out of it. 

Depending on who's controller you looked at the wire sometimes came out of the side of the wood block and other friends controllers had  a wire coming out the top....

The SMS wasn't fashionable but it was like an old friend as I spent hundreds of hours with him and played as many games as I could get my hands on.

Some of my fave Master System games at the time were:

Double Dragon

Psycho Fox

World Cup Italia 90 
(It was rubbish but it was a footy game with a World Cup tournament in it!)

Alex Kidd In Shinobi World

Alex Kidd In Miracle World


Wonder Boy In Monsterland 
(as mentioned >>HERE<<)


Just look at the simplistic but brilliant box art, you knew exactly what you were getting with SMS box art....

(You can Read A Bit More About Box Art >>HERE<<)

As time went on SEGA tried updating the look of The Master System by bringing out the sleeker & sexier SMS 2 but I was more than happy with my good old mate...

Eventually though me and my Master System had to part ways.......the Megadrive was calling and she was Mega Sexy.......i'm sure SMS understood (after all SMS was a bloke wasn't he?)

My time spent with the SEGA  Master System was always fun and full of great games. 

The Master System was famous for being the underdog and as time has gone on I think the love for this great 8 Bit system has actually grown.

The Master System will always live long with me and i'll always remember it as my good old mate.

How Do You Feel About Your First Ever Video Games Console Purchase?

Was It Your Fave Console Ever? 

Or Was It Just A Hunk Of Junk?

Let Us Know In The Comments Below......

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