☆"Fallout New Vegas" - Game Diary 1☆ #GamersUnite

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2 years after finishing Fallout 3 I decided it was time to be consumed by the post apocalyptic wasteland again.


Fallout New Vegas was my experience of choice this time and this time I've decided to trial the documenting of my Mojave Wasteland journey.


This could make for good video games journalism or it might just end up being tedious.......but I'll give it a go because I'm sure that buried within the Wasteland is a Story to tell.........


Game Day 1

Inserting the disc into my PS3 filled me with dread because I know from experience that any game that's been out for a while always requires a massive update.....and yes this game needed a half hour download and then an install onto the PS3 hard drive in order that I could begin my journey.

With my game time being scarce nowadays Day 1 had to be written off as my allotted video games hour was up by the time i'd finished downloading and installing....

Game Day 2

Right....this time I was ready to play......

From the opening cut screen scene I'm hooked....

Fallout Fever Is BACK! Big TIME!

I decided that this time I'd build a female character and try and win over the hearts of The Mojave Wasteland.

After being treated to the initial cut scene and a once over by the Doc to ascertain my vital stats, Dana was ready for the Wasteland......

As I found out straight away, the People of Good Springs were a pretty nice bunch really but it seems they were about to be attacked by some local hoodlums in the form of 'Powder Gangers'

Dana used her feminine charms to round up the locals of Good Springs to fight back against The Powder Gangers and see off the threat!

That tussle got me back into the groove of V.A.T.S and the Free Aim system so I could be confident in the Wasteland once again!

I then took Dana on some Gecko hunting missions to assist the local enforcer Sunny Smiles

I was having fun now and began to pursue the mission of finding out how the hell I ended up being dumped out in the Wasteland with a bullet in my head in a shallow grave!! 

Fallout New Vegas

The first thing that really hits me from my first couple of hours whilst playing New Vegas versus Fallout 3 is its just that little bit more slicker. 

Also the fact that 3rd Person view is so much easier to use.

I can sense many an hour will be lost in the Wasteland and I havnt even stepped foot into a Casino yet!

Also, what the hell is the Mini Game Of Caravan All About?!!

Hopefully all will be revealed ......

To Be Continued........

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