★Meet The Saviours Of The London RetroGaming Scene★ @JoyPadBar #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Last Week We featured The Dudes From @JoyPadBar and their marvellous 

Super WareHouse Gaming Party

After watching their cool You Tube Vids and hearing their plans for the Retro Gaming Bar we wanted to find out more about the future saviours of the Retro Gaming scene in London!


*Friends Of The Freezer* 

Please Say a BIG Hello To Our Video Gaming Heroes  Of The Moment...

Matt & George........

Matt,George Thanks For Agreeing To Answer A Few Questions About Yourselves To Help the Friends Of The Freezer Get To To Know You Both A Bit Better

Games Freezer: How long have you two known each other?
Matt: Aeons… 
George - It's been about 10 years, we studied A-levels together

Games Freezer: What console was your favourite when you were growing up?
M: Not strictly a console but my Atari ST was my most treasured possession for a very long time! It’ll always hold a special place in my heart -wipes tear-
G - That's a bit like asking a parent which is his favourite child...! 
As a child I got to play every Nintendo console from the NES and every Sega console from the Megadrive (apart from the 32x..... nobody had one of those). 
But if you really pressed me for an answer I'd have to say my NES, it was my first, and your first is always special.


Games Freezer: Mario or Sonic?
M: At the time of the great Sega - Nintendo wars it was all Sonic for me… but I’m a total turncoat - I think Mario is ultimately a more ‘important’ presence in gaming history.
G:Toot toot Sonic Warrior!

Games Freezer: What's your fave Game of all time?
M: Streets of Rage 2
G: Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 3 plugged into it

Games Freezer: What's your fave recent generation game?
M: "Last of Us" was fantastic. Just tipping "Spec OPs: The Line" for me

G: "Mount your friends", especially when played drunk

Games Freezer: Who's idea was Joypad Bar?
M: Both of ours - a drunken pub conversation (like all the best ideas!)
G: After reflecting on it the next day, we realised we were onto something special.

Games Freezer: What was the inspiration behind Joypad Bar?
G: Matt and I have a genuine wish to make playing video games more social and generally accepted.

Playing a video game in public should be as accepted as listening to music or reading a book. 

I think, in the UK especially, video games have a general social stigma. I know people that would be embarrassed to get their phone out and play a game on the tube, but they would feel completely fine with a book or music. 

Thanks to the internet generation of online multi-player games, faceless abuse and horrible behaviour is all to frequent and then there are the people that just say "I don't like games".

We want to bring all of that to a stop by bringing people together in a social environment. 

To show people:

1. they need not be embarrassed 

2. they really shouldn't be abusive to other players because in real life you can't get away with it. 


3. There is a game for everyone, saying you don't like games would be like saying you don't like music, any music. 

We'll have a game for you, you just didn't know it was out there.

Classic console games are, to our mind, what get this across the best. Simple graphics in favour of great 'pick up an play'ability. You don't need to invest 40+ hours to get something back out of a retro game.

Games Freezer: Whereabouts in London will it be?
South west London, ideally Tooting

Games Freezer: When are you planning to open it?
We need to find the right location, we're in talks, but as soon as that happens 2-3 months.

Games Freezer: Will you have arcade cabinets?
This is a no for us, Bar-cades are a very different kind of place.

Games Freezer: Have you ever been to any other video game inspired bars?
I'm not sure I can say anything about this without sounding un-kind.

Games Freezer: We like your YouTube vids. Is that going to be a regular thing?
Thanks, we're glad you like them! 
Our Replay's will be monthly, in the Replay videos we want to highlight the fun we have, and that you could have, playing retro games. 
Mixed in with a little news, game facts and a running score of Matt Vs George across the series.
Other video's will come as and when we have news or events.

Games Freezer: Can we get a free drink when we come along? ;)
You wouldn't believe how often we get asked that! 
GF: Crap Question, sorry! :)

Now You Know A Bit More About These Cool RetroGaming Dudes Let Us Know If You want To Know More By Commenting Below With Any Questions You May Have......

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