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So as we continue the GameBoy 25 Year Birthday celebrations and pay homage to the Grey Marvel that is the GameBoy, we begin to look back at the last 25 years worth of GameBoy games and pick out the cream of the crop.

There have been some absolute beauties that have harnessed the little box over these years in order to produce a great game from 4 shades of grey to provide a shaded LCD experience like no other before OR since!

The hardware was not powerful but despite the GameBoys technical limitations, amazing, addictive, endearing and sometimes complex games were produced that had gamers hooked from day 1 of the GameBoy's release in 1989

With that in mind, it's going to be hard to whittle the extensive Gameboy catalogue down to just 5.
In order to create our Top 5 we are only looking at games that could be played on the classic GameBoy as it's the Original GameBoy that’s 25 Years old and not its colour brother from another mother.

Anyway enough of all that, let's get on with this as we give you Games Freezer's Top 5 GameBoy games from the last 25 years!

Imagine coming home from school and seeing your mum sitting down playing GameBoy!?! 

Well that's what happened with TETRIS. 

Tetris was one of the first games that broke down age barriers as gamers young and old clamoured to play the GameBoy with a copy of TETRIS stuffed in the back of it. 

There were certain GameBoys that never had a copy of anything else but TETRIS hanging out the back of it!

Bundled with the GameBoy it meant that nearly everybody on this planet played TETRIS at some point and was brainwashed by the catchy tune it played OVER & OVER & OVER again! 

4. WarioLand: Super Mario Land 3
Wario jumps onto the scene to steal the show away from Mario, but you are treated to the tightest and epic platformers ever to grace the GameBoy. 

Get hold of a copy of this if you've never played it and you'll know what we mean!
3. Pokemon RED/BLUE
Ever played a game so involving and addictive that you start playing it on a Friday night and you only notice that it's now Wednesday! 

Pokemon on GameBoy was perfect. It enabled to go anywhere and catch em all.
As a kid you could semi pretend to watch Coronation Street with the family while actually you were hunting down your next catch!

A true marvel of video games design that was crammed into the beautiful Grey Portable Nintendo Box we know as GameBoy.
2. Micro Machines
So small they should have named the GB version Micro Micro Machines.

This GameBoy version of the legendary $uper Fun Top-Down Racer was immense fun.

Having been massive fans of the Micro Machines series on all sorts of formats this was one of the most addictive versions that has ever been produced.

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Do you believe in modern day miracles?

A modern day miracle occurred when the creators of Zelda managed to cram something so huge into the GameBoy. 

A game so huge and so pretty that it transported you to Koholint Island and didn't stop enchanting you until you completed it, only for you to give it another go.

Is this game a mirage? Did it really exist on such a small system?

You need to play this game to ensure that what we are telling you is not just a dream.

Quite Simply…..PERFECT


So that’s our list, 

We could have created a list of 25 or 250 for that matter but wanted just the cream of the crop in our own opinion.

Now You Have Seen OUR Top 5 GameBoy Games, Let Us Know What Yours Are!

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