★What's Your Ideal Video Game? PART 1★ #GamersUnite

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When you were younger did you ever play the game where you described your ideal video game?

You'd give it a title

You'd give it a genre

You'd then go on to describe the look and feel of the game

You'd explain the story

You'd describe the gameplay

You'd then go on to explain the aim of the game

As young gamers we played this game many times as our minds would wonder 7 wander at what amazing feats could be possible in the future of Video Games...

This was in the day of the Commodore 64 and Spectrum so normally it would end up with a description of a lifelike game to do with football or a massive RPG where you can do whatever you want.

These days those games are a reality and so maybe the game we played as youngsters to dream the impossible becomes redundant? 

Then again...maybe not!

We decided to sit down and conjure up the ultimate game for what our tastes are like nowadays. 

That doesn't necessarily mean a massive game with ultra realistic graphics. 

As we grow older I believe most gamers understand what actually makes a great game and so our gaming tastes develop.

We are pulling our vision together and will publish another blog post latervon today to let you know what our ideal game consists of......


To Be Continued........

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