☆Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 2 - "An Ode To The Cazadore" ☆ @CkGarb #GamersUnite

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With the Fallout series the game's central story is almost surplus to requirements when playing this marvellous, involving, all consuming RPG.


I tend to set out with the best intentions of taking another step forward with the unveiling of the storyline and yet I will more often than not get distracted by a battle or a side quest that will take me in totally the opposite direction.


The thing is, that is the beauty of an open world to explore to your hearts content…..

The creators of the Fallout New Vegas have created a landscape that is begging to be explored.

It's vast and it's open, so vast and open that sometimes you can walk for minutes without encountering anything!

In that scenario it makes your next encounter with someone or something even more memorable.

You also find yourself feeling glad to locate a moving white marker on your in game compass as you realise it's a friend rather than a red enemy marker.

It's these stumbled upon moments in the game that make it so worthwhile to play.

It was on one of these jaunts around the Mojave Wasteland that I came across a flying black wasp type mutated insect that I thought I'd need to fire just a couple of shots at and then I'd be on my way……..little did I know that I'd just come across my first Cazador!

According to falloutwikia.com Cazadores are giant tarantula hawk wasps which were created by Dr Borous (whoever he is!?)

As I fired at the "puny" insect I waited for it's life to diminish………
BUT it wasn't to be!

I'd just made it angry and then it turned towards me with stinging tail protruding towards poor Dana (my characters name)

As I backed up Dana to try and reload and fire a few more shots off at this beast it hit me with a sting and diminished my life bar considerably!

Now the tables had truly turned and I was on the back foot! Dana was feeling woozy accoring to the onscreen prompt and now the Cazadore had called his mates for a piece of the action!!

Oh dear!! A couple more stings and it was curtains for Dana as she slumped to the floor…..

How could such a meaningless looking mutated insect cause my hotshot Dana so much grief?

That was it, I was going back to exact my revenge on this insect………. 

20 minutes later and Dana's fate was the same each time! My tactics were futile!

This was one such time when my best intentions of making progress in the game were over ruled by the need to extinguish this one insect who was getting one over on me EVERY time…..

My eureka moment came when I knocked it to the ground with a "Wing Shot" in V.A.T.S ……hmmmmmm

Now all I needed was a way of making best use of the wing shot by firing off as amany shots as I could while Mr Cazadore was down…

So let's see how Mr C deals with a 9mmSMG whilst he's down….

As Mr C hit the deck from his Wing Shot, Dana unloaded the 9mm into the hulking insect and finally Mr C and eventually his buddies were wiped out!

I celebrated this victory long and hard……………….and then……………I realised I'd just spent the best part of an hour of my precious video games time trying to swat a wasp !!

Oh How I Love Fallout!!
"In Memory Of Mr C"

Have You Ever Had A Similar Run In With A "Puny" NPC Who Turns Out To Be A Double Hard B*$t@rd!?

Let Me Know.......

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Richard Reporting From The Freezer
(last seen with Dana running away from a swarm of Cazadores!)

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