★New OTON X Console UI Open for Media Beta Invite★ @EnGeniux #GameDev #GamersUnite

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"Imagine,Create & Play with 

The OTON X Game Console"

We have covered the progression of the OTON X over the last few months and now the next phase has begun......
We are bearers of great news from the OTON X Console's Journey from concept to reality.........

"Today, EnGeniux announced that the OTON X user interface beta will be open for private media invites. 

The OTON X Project is the first beta testing hybrid crowdfunding campaign to ever offer users the ability to sample a small portion of the product before they back the crowdfunded project.

The OTON X console itself is the first autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer. 
The system uses a custom algorithm with preset design parameters and a sprite database to create custom game environments. 
This process saves time and money and also allows developers to supply new game content to players much faster. 
This beta version will not have the game creation code installed until the UI is polished.
The OTON beta key features are the “Home” auto game creation mock-up and the “Create Tab” functions. 
However, testers can try the current UI version 2.0 and provide  feedback to improve the UI. 
EnGeniux plan to release the beta platform in three stages:
1.  OTON user-interface beta
2.  Game creation beta
3.  Add-on features and functions
“We’re extremely excited about the OTON UI, and we eagerly await the feedback from the media and game community,” says OTON X creator and project manager Derrick Samuels. 
“We need this big step to move the platform forward toward the final retail units!”

Games Freezer

We Are Going To Get Hands On With The OTON X UI And Then We'll Tell You All About it SOON!............

Until Then Make Sure You Follow The OTON X Progress Via TWITTER >>HERE<<

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