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The GameBoy 25th Birthday Celebrations Keep On Going And Today We Look At The Worst Side Of The GameBoy Video Games Phenomenon..

As with any video games console release there will always be developers that try and jump on the gravy train by bringing out any old junk for the latest video games behemoth

More recently a phenomenon known as "shovelware" appeared due to the unprecedented sales success of the Nintendo Wii

This led to some awful bland generic games being released for the Nintendo Wii as it was a victim of its own success story!

Back in the days of the Nintendo GameBoy when it ruled the hand-held gaming land there were also some real stinkers that were released that were either just badly made or just an excuse to try and cash in on the success of the GameBoy fraternity and sometimes a bit of both.

We dug deep to find the stinkiest of these stinkers to bring back some GameBoy Nightmares from Nintendo Past…….

Here's what horrors we found lurking in the GameBoy undergrowth……
5. RoboCop

A game that has glitches in its gameplay mechanic is never going to win any friends. 

It was just a nightmare to play as you tried (and failed) to line up a shot on an enemy at any time in the game......Grrrrrrr! Frustrating!

It didn't stop RoboCop2 from being released though!

4. Alien Vs Predator - The Last Of His Clan

A side scrolling sloth of a game with collision detection being the poorest we can remember. 
We so wanted this to be good when it came out but unfortunately it was beyond the developers to actually create a fun game.

3. Home Alone

The Home Alone spin offs were the cash cow of the 90's and this video game was no exception, an absolute pile of old tosh it was frustrating and just plain annoying.

Oh Macauley..... WHY?

2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Never a fan of the TV series we never held up much hope for the GameBoy game and yes it did end up being the generic film/tv video game side scrolling beat em up dross.

No thought was put into this game and it really shows..

1. Krusty's Funhouse

Krusty's Funhouse was churned to all manner of consoles and platforms and the GameBoy version was by far the worst.

The game is flawed in all manner of ways but more importantly it's plain boring...

It's badged as a Puzzler but seriously is as dull as dishwater as you herd Rats from one place to another.......hmmmmmm........Why can't anyone make a decent Simpsons game?

Can You Think Of Any Other Stinkers?

Let Us Know....

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