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Happy Easter To You All!

During the Easter Break we've done lots and lots of web browsing....we search the web relentlessly to find Video Games related content that floats our boat and yours.

Recently we have found a smorgasbord of articles and websites that we think you will love to read about.

Now take a look at what Video Games gold dust we've uncovered for you lucky Freezer Followers......

  1. Kickstarter Campaign - 6 Realms RPG
  2. Kickstarter Campaign - Escape This Arena
  3. Cool Online Game - Seige Online
  4. Kickstarter Campaign - Air Time HD
  5. Sonic Fan Game - SONIC Time Twisted
  6. Kickstarter Campaign -  Line Simulator 
  7. Blog Entry - Boxed Pixels "Breath Of Fire"
  8. Video Game Documentary - "Fizz The Surge Of Video Games"
  9. Cool Article - A List Of Every Video Game Ever Made!
  10. Our Favourite Website Ever?! "Bit Slap"

So Get Your Laughing Gear Round This Little List Of Ten Beauties To Visit.....

And as a special treat why not take a look at these two lovelies before you go!

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