★What's Your Ideal Video Game? PART 2★ #Gamersunite @GamesFreezer

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In Yesterdays Post We Said We'd Go Away And Come Back To You With Our Version Of The Ideal Video Game Based On Our Tastes Today.....


Based On The Criteria We Set Yesterday Let's Have A Look What We Came Up With.....


  • The Red High Snake Gang (The Name Of A Gang we Belonged To When Were Little)


  • RPG / RTS

"Look and feel of the video game"

  • Pixel Art Style
  • Suited to iPads and other such Tablet devices
  • An involving RPG in the mould of the Fallout series where the game is as non linear as you want it be
  • Set in a vast world for you to explore to your hearts content
  • It would be set around the present time
  • The game world would be a suburban sprawl based on a real life London and the surrounding areas
  • A similar look and feel to the game as games like Fez crossed with Ikalla......crossed with Cannon Fodder


  • You start out as an 11 year old kid from the inner city looking for adventure
  • You are bored of your surroundings and want to explore the world
  • You round up your chosen mates and catch the 29 Bus (or the tube or the train or get on your BMX's )to adventure and freedom!
  • From here on in you explore the open Pixel World to your hearts content, discovering other gangs of kids spread out over the game world
  • You form alliances and build your own camps in the location of your choice
  • You decide whether you're a merry band of good kids doing good deeds (like the Cub scouts) or bunch of little rascals causing havoc (like the Cub Scouts!)
  • The core storyline revolves around the need for the "Red High Snake Gang" (your gang) to build up enough pocket money to buy their own high tech super duper treehouse in the forest...


  •  The gameplay will see you control either your full gang or a chosen number of your gang on missions and tasks or just taking them out for a wander around the game world to see what you can find
  • You will guide them with the use of your finger on the touch screen
  • Combat will be similar to the simple mechanics of Cannon Fodder
  • Your Camp will be totally customisable with various items that you find scattered across the game world

"Aim of the game"

  • The aim of the game is to explore the beautiful Pixel Art Game World whilst building up friendships and rivalries with the various gangs scattered across the game world
  • The game is one of childhood adventure and creativity which allows you to be drawn into an involving game world which makes you care about your own gang and the members of it
  • Ultimately the game will uncover many secrets with the over riding aim to get enough pocket money to buy and kit out your very own super duper tree house
  • Influences on this game are Cannon Fodder, Fallout and Last Ninja 2

So there you have it......we've had a go at describing our ideal video game...and we had LOADS OF FUN doing it too :)

Why Don't You Guys Have A Go Too And Let Us Know What Your Ideal Game would look and feel like?

Does Our Ideal Game Already Exist? 

Does Your Ideal Game Already Exist? 

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