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The 64 Bit RetroGaming Beast Never Gets Enough Credit And Is Instead Remembered For It's Hand In The Demise Of Atari As A Console Producer......


The Atari Jaguar was released by Atari in 1993


It was the last console to be release by Atari until the release of the Atari Flashback  


RetroGaming, Retro Gamer, Games Freezer

It was brought out to rival the Mega Drive/Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Panasonic 3DO in a time when how many Bits you had meant you were the king!

The problem was the Jaguar proved to be a bit of a commercial flop and was the straw that broke Atari's back which meant that they had to leave the home video game console market

The thing is, you can never keep a good console down and despite its commercial failure, the Jaguar has a dedicated fan base and this is why 
"Do The Math" exists........

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Games Freezer

The Guys At "Do The Math Have Assembled Some Great Articles On The Atari Jaguar

Whether You Want To Learn More About The Jaguar Games or To View Some Of The Cool Media From The Time "Do The Math" covers it really well as a love letter to the Atari Jaguar.....

Read Below How The Creator Of Do The Math Has Approached His Cool Site......

"Welcome to Do The Math - an Atari Jaguar fan site where I plan to give my own retrospective opinions on the Atari Jaguar console, the games and the other related paraphernalia. 

I intend to do this mainly by expanding my own Jaguar collection and writing about my experiences here.

I have a long-standing relationship with the Jaguar and believe I know enough to do this fantastic console justice, and to dispel some of the unfair myths surrounding it. 

I got my first taste of the Jag in around 1995, fairly close to the end of the machine's natural lifespan, and since then have owned three different machines (including my current system) and only now have I felt the inclination to put my thoughts together in a (reasonably) coherent manner for others to read. 

I hope to upload gameplay videos and written reviews, and collect other related material from around the web and deposit them here."

RetroGaming, Retro Gamer, Games Freezer

DID YOU KNOW.....................
"The Atari Jaguar was the last console from an American company until the 2001 introduction of Microsoft's Xbox........KNOWLEDGE IS THE BOMB!"

We Think You Should Get Over To "Do The Math" Now And Explore The Wonderful World Of The Unsung Hero Of RetroGaming.......

RetroGaming, Retro Gamer, Atari Jaguar

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