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Hey Games Freezer Followers Listen Up Good And Proper, Ya All Hear Me!!??


We've found one of the finest video game related sites ever to flash its way across our glazzballs and we want you to know all about it so you too can get involved........


Alpha Beta Gamer is aiming to tell the world all there is to know about Video Gaming Alpha and Beta tests of all types for both indie and mainstream Video Games.

The ABG dudes look to add one Alpha/Beta a day which basically makes it the number one place in the universe to get your mitts on the latest Alpha / Betas

The cool thing about ABG is they are always keen to hear about any Alpha/Betas, so you can contact them directly if you come across any and If they use your suggestion / suggestions, you'll get a nice thank you in the article.

Also, if you’re a game dev, and would like to have your game featured you can contact ABG for some "air time" on the site.....cool eh!?

All the Alpha/Betas featured are free to the player, so you can truly experience some truly cool games FIRST and for FREE!

The key to a good BETA Testers is to give feedback on games and ABG really encourage them to do so to really help the game Devs create better gaming experiences for ALL

The marvellous service that ABG offer to Game Devs means that If you find an Alpha/Beta that you like on the site you are likely to spread the word on social media which is especially valuable for indie game Devs as they don’t always get the publicity they deserve.

We adore this website as like us it is really trying to assist all the unsung heroes out there who produce amazing video games.

We advise you to get on down to ALPHA BETA GAMER NOW and see what amazing video game experiences that you can have for FREE today......

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