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★New OTON X Console UI Open for Media Beta Invite★ @EnGeniux #GameDev #GamersUnite

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"Imagine,Create & Play with 

The OTON X Game Console"

We have covered the progression of the OTON X over the last few months and now the next phase has begun......
We are bearers of great news from the OTON X Console's Journey from concept to reality.........



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We Recently Covered The OTON X Console and Told You How To Get Involved In The BETA By Visiting The OTON X BETA Page  

News has reached us that the OTON beta UI server is now 85% complete.....

So not much time left to sign up for the BETA!
Once you have signed up for the BETA you will get the opportunity to WIN AN OTON X DIY unit this month. 

Only one person will win this rare OTON prototype that was used for the OTON X photo marketing promotions. 

The OTON X BETA Testers number currently stands at 4K testers with a goal of 10K testers by the end of March. 

If that goal is reached then each and every beta testers will win a FREE exclusive OTON X wallpaper......

So What Is Everyone Waiting For?

Get Involved With The OTON X Console BETA NOW Before You Miss Out!

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★OTON X Video Game Console Latest News★ @EnGeniux #GamersUnite

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Recently we told you all about the OTON X The Video Games Console That Creates Its Own Games......

Now We've Got Some More News On This Cool Games machine....So Read On

The OTON X Video Games Console is set to offer crowdfunding during its open beta of the console’s user interface testing. 

This is the first beta testing hybrid crowdfunding campaign ever to offer users the ability to sample a portion of the product before they actually back the project. 

The beta will have a weekly status update system to track progress.

There will also be a voting system based on feedback from OTON user interface testers.

The unique selling point for the OTON X console is that it's the first autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer.

The system goes about creating games using a custom algorithm with preset design parameters and a sprite database to create custom game environments. 

This ingenious and innovative process saves time and money and supports developers with new game content to players much faster.
The EnGeniux Project wanted to take a different approach with this crowdfund effort, so it is using the Selfstarter Method used by other platforms that didn’t use Kickstarter to fund their projects. 

During the campaign Engeniux will be offering these three Cool Incentives To Back:
- All Credit cards will not be charged until one month before units ship.
- $100 of game credit if the OTON developer (dev unit) doesn’t ship on the date EnGeniux promises.
-A free OTON T-shirt if the OTON dev unit can’t produce 100 different basic 2D game levels and characters when shipped.
The OTON X Systems will cost $99 for early-bird units (limit of 50 units) and $139 for standard units. 

Derrick Samuels who is the OTON X creator and project manager said the following:

“We’re excited and confident that we can get OTON X funded with this hybrid method,”

“I stand behind my console and my team, and we want our community to feel excited and confident that we can deliver!”

We Say Why Not Get Involved And Visit The OTON X BETA Pages  to beta test the OTON X UI!

About EnGeniux
"Founded in 2012, the EnGeniux Project is focused on delivering autonomous game and software applications. The project was founded by 10-year technology entrepreneur, inventor, and game veteran Derrick Samuels"



☆A Video Games Console That Creates Its Own Games.....Imagine That....☆ @EnGeniux @DerSamuels #OTONX

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Games Freezer

Just Imagine A Video Games Console That Creates It's Own Original Games........


Sounds a bit sci fi doesn't it?


Well maybe it's not as far fetched as you might first think!

It's February 25, 2014 and Today, the EnGeniux OTON X autonomous
video games console is set to open beta signup to early adopters and developers.

The OTON X is billed by EnGeniux as the first autonomous game console that's ever been prepared for the Market....

The almost futuristic aspect of this gorgeous looking console is that the
OTON self-creates games, without any human input......

How Is That Possible We Hear You Cry!

The system creates games using an extremely clever custom algorithm with preset design parameters and a sprite database to create custom game environments.

During the beta testing, the project will offer crowdfunded OTON X (developer
units) to early adopters and developers. 

Systems will cost $99 for early bird units and $139 for standard units. 


Over one thousand users have signed up for  

OTON BETA Testing,
with the list growing daily. 


OTON X creator and Project Manager Derrick Samuels said

“We’re excited to let gamers, developers and media interact with the OTON UI because of its unique design layout,  


The goal of the beta is to gain feedback on the user interface and to move forward with adding more features."

Anyone Interested can sign up for the OTON X UI beta HERE

OTON X Specifications:
  • OTON OS (Operating System/Custom Ubuntu OS)
  • Quad-core (4 + 1 power-saving core) Four CPU cores are built in the ARM Cortex-A9 micro-architecture, and are clocked at 1.2 GHz
  • 1-HDMI 1.4a display output supporting digital resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • 3-USB 2.0 (Two Standard A, one micro-USB)
  • 1-Ethernet port
  • Stereo analog and multi-channel digital (SPDIF)(3 port channel)

  • No optical disc drive
  • USB storage device
  • 16 GB Flash Storage
  • 2-SD card slots (Front)
  • 205 mm or 8.07 inches (8in x 8in) (L x W)
  • 53 mm or 2.08 inches high
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • 2.4 GHz wireless
  • System can be position vertically or horizontal

Who Are The Dudes Behind This Ground Breaking Piece Of Game Changing Kit?

The EnGeniux team has ten years of game and manufacturing experience......

Between 2008 and 2010, they shipped a limited quantity of their first-
run console system. 

Creator and inventor, Derrick Samuels, has worked and developed several
new trends in tech and practical products. 

His initial system in 2004 was the first to converge a biometrics, PC, game console, DVR and media device into one unit. 

That same unit was also the first system to provide the possibility of
content powered by the Akimbo Platform and digital distribution.

During the 2007 CES show he demonstrated voice recognition software to
control the game console interface. 

In 2008 his first system shipped with Linux as a working OS for a start-up game console company. 

In 2009 he introduced cloud storage to the console before other console systems
considered the format. 

In 2010 his company was the first in the market to truly see and test the potential of Android as a gaming platform for a game console. 

The 2008 units are still in use, and his company continues to provide
annual customer support to keep these units working for customers.


Like What You Hear About This Amazing Games Console?

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What Do You Think Of This Amazing Piece Of 21st Century Video Gaming History?


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