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Now my stint in New Vegas is over it's time to reflect back on the Top 5 Sights & Sounds from the Wasteland of Fallout New Vegas….

Hidden away deep in the Wasteland outskirts is a dudnuke nestled in the Wasteland Sands 
It's a beauty and it comes as part of the "Wild Wasteland" Perk….get searching for it

Once you get all pally with the Boomers, there is a great side quest that sees you ive to the bottome of Lake Mead and exhume this once greatbomberplane. It's sure a joy to behold (and may come in handy at Hoover Dam too)

Once you've helped the "Bright Followers" you will be treated to a great view of Jason and his followers final journey into the ether! Brilliant side quest.


As I've mentioned before, this instalment of Fallout is far less sinister than Fallout 3 ..
BUT it has it's moments…. 

The one that sticks in my mind is my first meeting with Caesars legion at Nipton…..NOT NICE

When you finally make your way into the Legion Fort you will get the opportunity to discover the Underground Bunker which hides one of Mr Houses' darkest secrets….it's at this point you have a choice….destroy or upgrade…..YOU DECIDE!

There's so many sights out there and just too many to put in a Top 5 but these are a start..

What are your fave Fallout New Vegas sights?

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