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Thanks To Our Favourite Twitter Mate AverageManVsPi for reminding us of A SEGA service that we never actually got to play….. 

It was called "SEGA Channel" and it was launched in the summer of 1996 and lasted until around 1998 when it was discontinued by SEGA.

It is seen by some as the Grand Daddy of services like XBOX LIVE and PSN. At this time though the Internet was in it's infancy and SEGA Genesis video games were delivered over coaxial cables!

It was essentially an interactive cable channel offering SEGA Genesis video games, Demos and Cheat Codes on demand, which were actually distributed by the cable and satellite operators of the day.

It enabled subscribers to download and play up to 25 SEGA Genesis games for £10 a month. 

The whole idea was that it was introduced to boost the sales of video games…..

Here at Games Freezer, we never had an opportunity to play the games that were available or experience the service in action.

Did You Know? 
"At its peak, Sega Channel had over 250,000 subscribers"

Were YOU One Of The SEGA Channel Users? 

Was the service actually any good in practice? 

What games did you play on it?

Let Us Know Because This Feels Like A Part Of Video Gaming History That Doesn't Get Much Air Time..

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