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For a long time I have been skeptical of most mobile games.

In my experience they tended to be good for a quick fix of commuter gaming but not necessarily something that will engross you and pull you in with high production values and engrossing story-line.

I have yearned for a game like Fallout to be converted to Android in order that I could undertake an epic quest on my mobile gaming platform of choice, Android.

For the last couple of years The Walking Dead video game has picked up multiple awards as it was released across multiple platforms.

From afar I have admired The Walking Dead video game premise but never quite got round to playing the game….

Then in April this year The Walking Dead was released for Android and the first episode was FREE…..

At this point I downloaded it onto my Nexus thinking that it was going to be an inferior experience to the console & PC versions but hey it was FREE so worth a punt…. 

Inferior??? OH HOW WRONG WAS I !!

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Once downloaded I plugged in a pair of comfy earphones and got started.

Telltale are good at creating gaming experiences based around storyline and atmosphere and from the start it oozes quality.

My fears that the Android version would lack the finesse and features of the console versions were soon dismissed as I was consumed by the whole experience. 

It got hold of me almost immediately, just from the simple ride in the back of the police car….I wanted to know more and play more…

Essentially this game is based around an involving story-line, quick time events and tough tough choices. It's perfect for the control system of a mobile device as the gestures based controls fit nicely into the game. 

Every tap of the screen resonates well as you desperately attempt to survive in various precarious situations and scenarios in this zombie-filled game.

The pace of the game is perfect and the decisions that you have to make kick in almost immediately, it's like one of those films that throws you straight into the meat of the story and doesn't let up.

In summary I think that my perception of what is possible with mobile gaming has changed. After seeing what Tell Tale can achieve it leaves the shovel ware merchants looking embarrassed as they roll out another Farm Sim or City Sim that requires you to spend all your pocket money to buy a new watering can for your virtual garden (these games have their place but it seems like every other game is one of these at the moment!)

With Episode 1 finished, I will invest my hard earned pocket money into a Season Pass for the remainder of Season 1.

At an amazingly good value price of £9 it feels like I would be crazy not to purchase this great slice of Mobile Gaming.

Let's hope that this is the future of Mobile Gaming because if it is my Nexus 7 could end up being my games machine of choice!

What's Your Most Highly Recommended 

Mobile Game Of Choice?

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