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Kickstarter is an exciting place to be at the moment as we find more and more amazing and original video games that deserve crowd-funding support....

We think we've stumbled across an absolute gem of a game in the form of SURVIVE THE NIGHTS 

Survive the nights is a post apocalyptic First Person Shooter with the emphasis on your survival techniques and strategies rather than how many head shots you can pull off (although i'm sure headshots will help you survive that little longer)

With the focus on building a camp in a strategic position in order to help you achieve survival through the night......

Why Do You Need To Survive The Night?

Well at night is when the brain sucking zombies come out to get you! This is the time when your defenses and strategy is tested to it's maximum.

Maybe you'll team up with a group of survivors to create a strong team or maybe you'll go solo and trust no one....the choice is totally yours.

For us this feels like all of our favourite parts of games like Fallout & Far Cry put into one package for those who love to create traps and mod weapons while fortifying base camps and building alliances whilst forming strategies. All of these things make for a thought provoking game that is going to be mega fun to play.

That's why we want all our Friends Of The Freezer to head on over to the 

and start backing the project to get this game made...

There are some really cool bonuses for backing the game, such as having a say in what's in the final version of the game through voting.....

You can also even have your own house featured within the game environment!!

We have 19 Days and counting to do this, so let's spread the word and get this game made!

Meanwhile here's a bit more about a2z Interactive for your information:


"a2z(Interactive); is a small team currently made up of five people, 2 in the UK and 3 in America. 

Joe (US) and Jay (UK) are the original creators of Survive the Nights. 

We met through XBOX Live back when GTA4 first came out for the 360. 

With both of us having a great love for video games, our casual XBOX Live gaming sessions soon turned into a great friendship. 

We later stumbled upon Minecraft and created a public Minecraft server (MinecraftA2Z) and website. 

This server is what started our fascination with creation. 

Shortly after we started a Youtube Channel for the server the idea for developing Survive the Nights was hatched. 

After brainstorming about how we would make this game a reality, we started spending pretty much all of our free time reading/watching/listening to anything related to game developing. We later came across the Unity engine and have been knee deep in development ever since with the help of our team, Vinny [Lotto], Joe [BOX] and John [Woto]."


Do You Like The Look Of This Game?

What Feeatures Would You like To See In The Final Version?

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