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We are big fans of the Funstock website, it's a Retrogaming, Retro Gamers paradise and it's choc full of great stuff to spend your hard earned cash on.

After having a nose around the latest items from Funstock we've compiled a nice list of the coolest things that have caught our eye this week.

Take a look at the Freezer's Five Fave Funstock Things to see what you need to put on your retrogaming gift list this month and what you can save 5% on too!

5. Super Mario Plush Toy - 
Perfect storage for the kids toys or even grown ups toys! 

4. NES Cartridge Hip Flask - 
Perfect for the retrogaming whiskey aficionado

3. Street Fighter Monopoly - 
Haduken your way around the famous Monopoly board

2. Super Mario Chess Set (limited Edition) - 
Take on Bowser and his minions in a good old fashioned game of battle chess!!

1. Wireless SEGA Megadrive - 
A brilliant version of the legendary SEGA Megadrive / Genesis that comes with 60 built in games, wireless controllers and a lovely cartridge slot that's ready to open up your Megadrive cart collection again.

Games Freezer has a current special deal with the guys at Funstock to enable all Freezer Followers to benefit from a 5% Discount on any Funstock item.

All you need to do is use the code: FREEZER at the checkout and you will receive your 5% Discount there and then.

We'll bring you some more great Funstock Items soon so as you can take advantage of this great discount. 

Let Us Know Which Cool Stuff Catches Your Eye From Funstock?


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