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As you may have gusessed, I love Football Manager Simulations.

It's an obsession that's stayed with me since I first got into Video Games and one of the reasons why I always wanted to own a Speccy.

I've come across a really cool Kickstarter project that has got me really excited.......

Kev Iddon and Andy Watton are looking to tap into the obsession with Footy Manager games that's shared by many millions of football and Video Games fans across the world over.

Kev & Andy are planning a Kickstarter campaign to write and publish a book called The World Tour Of Football Management Simulations

It will be told through the eyes of 2 Kev and Andy through the use of historical reviews and funny stories.

Kev & Andy will be looking at over 115 different football management simulations from the genre's beginning in 1982 right up to the current batch of manager sims.

Kev & Andy are football manager sim veterans and adore the genre. They hope to convey this love in the form of the book.

They'll look to cover where it all started, and by whom....aswell as what were the defining games and which ones received cult status.

There will be comprehensive review of every game they've ever played...(and that's almost all of them!)

They are looking to self-publish this story and Kickstarter is the chosen route to get it out there.

They will have a whole host of amazing rewards for backers. These will range simply from a copy of the book to having your own stories and reviews incorporated into the book.

Excitingly, they'll be introducing a voting system where backers are able to nominate their top 10 football manager games over the years, with the final countdown appearing in the book!!

They also plan to produce a special artwork book based on the classic cover artworks that will be inspired by. Kevin Keegan's Player Manager, Ally McCoist's Director Of Football, Premier Manager 98, Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 and a whole lot more!
Games Freezer, Retrogaming

Keep a look out on Games Freezer for when Kev & Andy will be starting the campaign.......it's currently planned for an August 12th Campaign Go Live and we'll let you know when this happens....

What Football Manager Sim Would Make Your Top 10?

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