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Luke Hackett is a Friend Of The Freezer and We Have Been Scouring His Magnificent Mario & Luigi Mega Fansite For The Last Couple Of Days, Totally In Awe Of All The Amazing Content And Beautiful Website Design on Offer...

That's why we recommend Superluigibros.com as our 

Read the great info below directly from the website to find out what this marvellous web destination is all about, we're sure you are going to love this site just as much as we do!

"Whether your Mario gaming began on the NES, the Wii or somewhere in-between - there is no doubt you are here because you liked it at least enough to type Mario into a search engine!

Mario & Luigi
This website is dedicated to Mario & Luigi and all that comes with them, from the early games such as the original Mario Bros. to the Mario games of today such as Super Mario Galaxy as well as the TV series, and a whole lot more.

We feature a variety of information including Guides, Cheats, Stories, Games and various forms of artwork from game box art to fan art, to official artwork from Nintendo. Our aim is to provide precise information about all the Mario games, as well as act as a central hub for all Mario Fan's to show their artwork, stories, comics and games to the world.

The website was launched on April 16th, 2010. Although this makes us a relatively new site, the founder did run one of the worlds most popular Mario sites from 2001-2005 (Super Mario Portal at www.marioportal.com) and we hope we can bring you even better Mario in the coming years."

Now You Know Exactly What This Cool Website Is All About, Head On Over There NOW And Come Back To Let Us Know What You Think Of It!

Mario throwing a shell

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