☆ We're All Going On A Retrogaming Shopping Trip! ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Today's Retrogaming trip saw us visit Faversham in Kent.

It was a destination with loads of Charity shops and therefore potential for uncovering some Retrogaming bargains.

After a visit to 3 charity shops and one specialist games shop we came away with 1 bargain.

The game that was purchased for a nice 50p price tag was Time Crisis 3 on PlayStation 2.

Maybe not that much of a Retrogaming purchase but a great deal nonetheless!

After doing the rounds of the shops it did feel like the specialist shop was outpricing itself compared to the charity shop as a cart only Sonic The Hedgehog had a £5 price tag on it!! REALLY! !??

Anyway, next stop will be a mission to locate a nice G-Con Light Gun.....

Maybe a car boot sale trip will be this weekend's activity...

In the meantime take a look at the box shot of today's bargain purchase. ...

Where Do You Go For Your Retrogaming Bargains?

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