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I was reminded recently of some of the great handheld LCD games I would play as a 10 year old.

It would be a frequent sight to see a friend in the playground playing one of these cool games and they became one of the must have toys.

These handheld games were pre Gameboy and consisted of a moving image that would have a limited set of movements played out over an infinite loop that meant the aim for the player was to basically better the High Score.

Generally you found that the game got faster as your score got higher and you normally had around 3 lives to play with before it was GAME OVER....

I did some digging to see if I could find some of the great games that used to play.
From memory I started with the Game & Watch games released by Nintendo....

My First Game & Watch title that I played was Snoopy Tennis. Snoopy Tennis was a simple game of hitting the ball back to Charlie Brown by getting to the ball in time. Many hours were spent continually hitting that ball back to good old Charlie.
My next Game & Watch was a multi screen offering in the form of Donkey Kong. It had a lovely split screen display and at the time it felt like that this was such a great advancement in portable gaming technology.
Next up was the legendary Mario Bros which was a side by side split screen starring the Plumbing Bros.

After my brief outing with the Game & Watch handhelds I moved onto one of the Konami series of handhelds in the form of "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles". The Turtles were the biggest thing in the world at the time and I adored my TMHT LCD game.

After the Turtles was played into the ground (from memory the D-Pad stopped working) I received a Tomy Tronic 3-D Shark Attack game! It was about the coolest thing I'd ever played. 

You'd put your eyes up to the binocular like device and move your diver around with the on device buttons to avoid the shark. It was headache inducing, eye straining stuff and I loved it. The one thing I didn't love though was the noise from the Tomy Tronic, it was like a maniacal clicking that was totally antisocial and much to my parents annoyance!

The one game after that which I absolutely adored for some reason was the Grandstand Handheld version of Double Dragon. I loved the chunky design of the handheld and just the fact that I could play Double Dragon on the move! Totally Awesome…

It was at this point where I discovered Tetris on the Gameboy…..my handheld gaming was instantly upgraded and I havn't played a handheld LCD game since..

I look back fondly at the days of playing just to beat a high score and how now a high score is something I rarely aim for.

Back then though a High Score was everything if you wanted to be 

Familiarise yourself with some of the great handheld LCD games of all time by visiting these cool websites.

My favourite site has to be Pica Pic.com where you can view and even play the cool games from the glory days of LCD games.

It's made me want to start hunting down some of these great games……... 

Which LCD Handheld Game Was Your Favourite?

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