☆ Excluding Mario & Sonic Who Are Your Favourite Platform Game Characters? ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Over the years there have been so many different platform genre video games created and with those platform games you will always find a new lead character who is the main focus of the game.

For the duration of the game you are solely concerned with the survival of this pixel man, boy, Animal or thing!

There have been many Platform Games that I have pored hours into and each character has left an impression on me. 

I have therefore wracked my gaming memories and compiled a nice list for you of my favourite Platform Game Characters.

Here's My Favourite characters from my childhood. I have excluded Mario & Sonic just because they are in a League Of their Own and have instead sought out the characters who maybe get less coverage.

Bomb Jack

My introduction to platform games came in the form of B0m8 Jack on the ZX Spectrum … The Titular hero Jack could fly around the screen at will defusing B0m8s and saving the day…from this moment on I was hooked…..


As eggs go this guy was special, I loved they way he jumped around doing 360 degree spins as he went along! Aswell as the fact he rescued the Yolk Folk on 8 separate occasions! Dizzy was a guy well ahead of his time and puzzle solving platform games were to become my favourite game genre because my old friend Dizzy..


SuperFrog is repping the Frogs of this world and he does it well. This little dude starred in a solid platform game that's plenty of fun. I liked the feel of his adventure and the jolly way that Froggy went about his business trying to save his princess whilst being fuelled by Lucozade…sounds like my life story!!


Forget Sonic, Zool was the man! (or Alien) and he was a Ninja Too! He was fast and he kickedass!

Alex Kidd

My fave monkey boy of all time has to be Alex kidd. Alex Kidd was the understudy before Sonic speed rolled his way through the Platforming genre. The thing I liked about Alex and his games were that they were all pretty much different from one another. The one thing that could be said of all Alex's adventures though, is that they were all good fun. Alex's crowning glory was obviously Alex Kidd in Miracle World and oh how tough that game was!!


This crazy ass Fox is like 4 characters rolled into one! From a Fox you can turn into a Hippo, Monkey OR a Tiger!! Not only that, he had a sidekick called Birdfly! At the time this came out I'd never seen a character like P Fox and I maintain there has never been another one like him since!


This little wimpy kid takes on legions of monsters throughout the city of wonderland and a bit like Sir Arthur he starts off naked! This little dude brought hours of entertainment to me and my SEGA Master System.

Bubsy The Bobcat
Poor Bubsy gets a bad press but I loved this wool collecting crazy cat with oversized feet! Great animation and look and feel to the game.

James Pond 2: RoboCod

The fish with the extendable neck always made me smile, maybe not the greeatest platform game but a lovely game design and lots of memorable locations.

Sir Arthur (Super Ghouls N Ghosts)

The sheer difficulty of this game got me hooked and Sir Arthur was an absolute hero! Imagine walking through the Ghouls & Ghosts with no clothes on, this guy is double hard!

Earthworm Jim

Playing as Jim was like playing in your very own episode of a cartoon. He was funny, dynamic and the way he was animated and interacted with his environment really was something special for the time. Jim we salute YOU!

Who Are Your Favourite Platform Game 
Characters Of All Time? 

(excluding Mario & Sonic)

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer

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