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As I reach Series 5 of Breaking Bad I can't help but think ….. 

"Why hasn't there been a Breaking Bad 

Video Game released yet?"

This amazing TV series is easily one of the best pieces of TV ever made and it's up there with LOST for how it grips you with both story line and character exploration.

It feels like it needs an involving and gripping video game to be created to bring this story to the interactive medium we know and love.

It worked so well with The Walking Dead Video Game and it would be an ideal candidate for Tell Tale Games to give Breaking Bad Video Gamers what they would dearly love to see.

With so many angles to approach the game it gets me excited just to think how this game could be made..

Maybe you could play as a Cartel member?

Maybe a DEA agent?

Of course you could just play as Walter or Jesse……or even Gus...

It could be an RPG game or even a Lab Simulator!!

The scope for a great video game is endless.

I started to look around the world wide web for some inspiration and lo and behold there are many brilliant homages to Breaking Bad in Video Game form. Whether it be some cool Pixel Art or a short 8 bit sequence of what the game would look like there's some great stuff out there…

Let me show you what I have found…

First Up I Found This Cool In Browser Game With Brilliant ArtWork And Cool Music.

Give It A Go, It's A Great Fan Made Platform Game

What About ....The Entire “Breaking Bad” Cast As Ninety Eight 8-Bit Video Game Characters Created By studiostobie.com

Then There Is This Amazing 
"Legend Of HeisenBerg" Start Screen Mockup! 
(available as a Tee)

Created By Filippo Morini

If You Havn't Already Watched It You Have Got To Watch The LEGO Breaking Bad Video Game You Tube Video...So Cool

This has got be my favourite....A 16 Bit RPG Version Of Breaking Bad......WOW!

With So Much Breaking Bad Fan Made Material Out There, There's Plenty Of Video Gaming Inspiration......

What Type Of breaking Bad Video Game Would You like To See?

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Breaking Bad, Video Games, Games Freezer
Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Breaking Bad, Video Game

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