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There's currently a large focus in the UK media on the Creative Industries UK Campaign…. 

It's a campaign that is looking to highlight how the UK Creative Sector brings in a massive £71billion revenue for the whole of the UK Economy and supplies 1 in 12 of the new jobs created in the UK.

As part of that creative industry the UK have always punched above their weight over the years in the Video Games industry especially when pitted against the giants of the Video Games world such as Konami etc…

This got us thinking about a Top 10 British Games List...…

Take a look at some of these Great British Video Games Treats as chosen by Games Freezer…..

10. Cannon Fodder (Sensible, 1993, various platforms)
Anything from Sensible was absolute brilliance and this was in our opinion the most amazing game on the Amiga from the Sensible lads.

9. Fable 2 (Lionhead, 2008, Xbox 360)
A beautiful game that oozes British charm and humour and is a joy to play as you discover Albion for yourself.

8. Goldeneye 007 (Rare, 1997, Nintendo 64)
A must have game on the N64 which defined how multiplayer FPS should be created. a truly defining moment in FPS history.

7. Grand Theft Auto (DMA/Rockstar North, 1997-, various platforms)
Another landmark in Video Game history that saw the start of this juggernaut sand box series of games which has culminated in one of the finest games ever in the form of GTA V!

6. Lemmings (Dma Design, 1991, various platforms)
3 Words which make this puzzle game so iconic and so perfect in the way it was executed. The first game in the series was never bettered and this is surely in the top 5 puzzle games of all time.

5. Micro Machines (Codemasters, 1991, various platforms)

Break neck speed with twitch reflexes a must have requirement meant that this game was the ultimate amount of fun you could have with a few mates!

4. Populous (Bullfrog, 1989, Amiga)
The first GOD game that really hooked us....
We played it on the SNES and it stayed in the cartridge slot for months on end as we called "Armageddon!"

3. Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Bitmap Brothers, 1990, Atari ST/Amiga)
Brutal Deluxe were our first sporting love during the 90's in the wonderful world of Speedball!

A game that was straight out of the cool film Rollerball.

At the time it felt like it could have been an Arnie film in the mould of Running Man.

Tweaking the stats of the players was fun but the real fun was had on the brutal field of play as you racked up multipliers and scored points in various manner of ways.

Great British Fun Indeed!

2. Timesplitters 2 (Free Radical Design, 2002, various platforms)
Timesplitters 2 took the greatest parts of Goldeneye and then added to the formula to make an amazing single player and multiplayer FPS experience.

A true favourite of the Games Freezer office.

1. Tomb Raider (Core design, 1996, various platforms)
The British gave the world Lara Croft......
Surely the most iconic video game heroine in the history of video games?
All Lara's games have had a certain spirit of adventure about them. 
Some of them lost their way a bit, but recently Lara has had an almighty resurgence in the current generation......



Which Ones Have We Missed?

Which Great British Game Is Your All Time Favourite?

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