☆Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 6 "This Is The End My Friend?!"☆ @Bethblog #GamersUnite

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Fallout games are all about the journey rather than the destination......

I have been exploring the Mojave Wasteland for the last 3 months and it has been so much fun....


I have met many a person and faction, aswell as my fair share of abomination and mutated insect (Damn You Cazadores!)

I've sifted through all the vaults and discovered their chilling back stories

I've helped the Bright Followers in their their quest to propel themselves into space

I've stumbled across unexploded nuclear bombs, Rodents Of Unusual Size, Indiana Jones in a Fridge and many other crazy oddities!

I've got to know many different Wasteland Companions and have assisted them with their own individual quests.

I've upgraded my weapons and reached the highest Level in the game.

All the time it was an experience that I didn't actually want to end, but at some point I had to play through the final act of the game......and now that day has come....

Fallout New Vegas has been concluded.....

This game is truly awesome and it really drew me in and now I've completed it, what is my overriding feeling about the game?

Well as amazing as it was, it didn't quite knock me off my feet as much as when I played through Fallout 3. Maybe it was too similar to shock and surprise me as much as Fallout 3 did. I remember in Fallout 3 there were moments where I explored certain ruins that made me feel claustrophobic!! That's how intense Fallout 3 is for the first time player...

New Vegas offers a different flavour of Fallout experience in an almost wild west vein and comes across as less sinister for it.....although for me I will never forget how scary Vault 22 was......(discover it for yourself)

Overall it's an upgrade of gameplay from Fallout 3 and is on a par with 3 but not better than it, just different...

With new stories and a great faction system it has set the tone for future instalments of this almighty story! 

Now New Vegas is finished my Wasteland Wanderer will hang up her boots..........while we await the 4th Instalment of this amazing Video Game Series from Bethesda!

What's Your Favourite Fallout Memory?

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