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The Trese Brothers stand for quality Video Games

They are gamers who make games for gamers 

When you play one of their fine video games you are involving yourself in an immersive experience and you know that you will begin to really care for the your characters and their storylines during the game as the gameplay takes you along at a brilliant pace...

This kind of professionalism and love for the video games and the community used to be rare in the mobile gaming arena, but The Trese Bros are looking to change all that by making it the standard that ALL other Indie Game Devs aspire to…

Today we've received some exciting news…..The Trese Boys Are BACK!! 

And this time they are in space!

It's been two years since Games Freezer helped our cool friends The Trese Brothers launch the "Heroes of Steel" KickStarter and make it the success that it was!

Since then The Trese Bros have been on an amazing journey and are now coming full circle to their first great game, "Star Traders RPG".

Andrew Trese said of their latest project, 

"It feels right to be returning to our roots, 
and to what our fans can't stop asking us about." 

Games Freezer, Trese Brothers, Game Dev, Indie Game Dev, Indie Games, Video Games

The brothers have just launched their KickStarter for the Star Traders 2 RPG.

They are planning a very hardcore kind of sequel to the original Star Traders and will be looking to incorporate large story arcs along with classic Star Traders sandbox play.

They are aiming to deliver the "easy to play, challenging to master" mantra that has worked so well for so many of their cool games.

The game itself will take a lot from its predecessor, and will be an open-world title in which you will command your ship, hand-pick your crew, and roam freely through a complex universe with freedom of choice in your goals, morality, and career (this really does sound like Mass Effect so we are truly excited!)

Games Freezer, Trese Brothers, Game Dev, Indie Game Dev, Indie Games, Video Games

Star Traders 2 RPG will expand upon the original Star Traders in multiple dimensions by exploring both the big picture and little details.

As a Captain, only YOUR decisions will determine YOUR fate ….. 

Will YOU earn fame and riches, or infamy and a swift kick out of the airlock?

  • If funded, Star Traders 2 RPG is targeted for Q4 of 2015.

  • The Brothers plan to have an extensive multi-month alpha in which the alpha team works closely with the Trese Brothers in the last stages of development, and have a chance to influence the game development directly.

  • Kickstarter Rewards include a 50% off pre-order of the game if you move quickly, and the ability to pre-order on multiple platforms.

  • The Higher Level Kickstarter rewards allow you to add your own creation (your Captain from the original Star Traders, an officer, a faction NPC, a legendary Captain, or an entire Quadrant!) to the game for all gamers to enjoy.

  • They have set a funding goal of $50,000 in order to fund the completion of the project and have adopted a unique approach in which The Trese Brothers will “match” the funding from the KickStarter campaign.

Games Freezer, Trese Brothers, Game Dev, Indie Game Dev, Indie Games, Video Games

If funded STAR TRADERS 2 will include:

  • Multiple turn-based 2D game perspectives, following your Captain or ship.
  • The ship views will include travel and ship on ship combat.
  • The views following your Captain will include landing on planets, visiting urban and wild areas, and boarding combat between two ships.
  • A mix of hand-crafted and procedurally generated maps will make the game different every time you play
  • Unique and individual characters for your crew, officers, and everyone you meet.
  • The game's unique Motivation Engine will create characters with interrelated traits, goals and prejudices and allows these characters, and your relationship with them, to grow and change over time and through game events
  • Modular ship design allowing you to upgrade your vessel to fit the needs of your profession, type of work and your crew
  • Realistic trade simulation, where you will build a trading strategy to capitalize on long distance trade routes, rare trade goods and supply and demand

We think you'll agree that the "Star Traders 2" video game sounds fantastic and really deserves to be supported on Kickstarter!

This is what Andrew Trese had to say about the Brothers new project:

"Ever since we started this, our fans have been asking us to create Star Traders 2. Cory and I are so excited to return to our first game, and to re-imagine it with new eyes. We've never stopped expanding the original Star Traders RPG, now with over 300 updates, but its time start new on the game engine foundation we've built up with Heroes of Steel and Star Traders 4X Empires"

So……Don't Delay….
Get Over To Kickstarter Today 
For Another Dose Of Trese Magic!

Also Don't Forget To Hook Up With The Trese Bros @ Facebook & @ Twitter

Games Freezer, Trese Brothers, Game Dev, Indie Game Dev, Indie Games, Video Games

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