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Those Crazy Game Devs working on the Fortunes Tavern game are giving 5 lucky people the chance to be an 
NPC in their forthcoming game!

So, what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning then?

All you have to do is the following:
You will gain one entry per task completed

(you don't have to do them all but the more you do the more chance you have of winning)

1.      Like Fortune's Tavern on Facebook:

2.      Follow on twitter: 

3.      Tweet the following message: 

"Amazing Competition: Be immortalised as a video game character in 'Fortune's Tavern'

http://www.fortunestavern.com/competition.html #fortunestavern #competition"

4.      Support on Epocu:

Once you've completed the entry requirements fill in the form at the link below with the tasks you completed!

If you win you will have a custom sprite designed just for you, and you can customise your character's race, class, and spell list.

Your character will also then become a regular guest at Fortune's Tavern and will be hireable by players to join them on ARPG style quests, and to defend the tavern from faction raids.

Each winner will also receive a free copy of Fortune's Tavern a week before the official release date.

Competition ends on the 30th of September 2014

Sounds cool doesn't it!!??

What's The Fortunes Tavern Video Game All About Then?

Taverns in RPGs are normally your waypoints in a games storyline as you venture through the game world discovering it's secrets and quests.

In Fortunes Tavern, the Tavern is the star!

You play the role of the Tavern keeper and have to decide it's fate with your actions. Will you build a thriving tavern where adventurers flock to drink, swap stories and seek a refuge from the harsh game world....


Will you build an underworld hangout which is a haven for bad folk planning bad things....

Maybe your hard work will see you go the same way of the last tavern keeper.....

In The Game You will get the chance to:

  • Hire staff.
  • Fund quests.
  • Seek out rumours.
  • Deal with hauntings, bandit raids, infected deliveries, and tavern brawls.
  • Create a menu and quest for new recipies.
  • Build ‘light’ improvements to attract elves and fairies, or ‘Dark’ improvements to attract monsters and undead.
  • Walk the line of neutrality and watch unique interactions between NPC visitors.

100s of interactive NPCs will visit your tavern.

  • Every NPC has a unique name and background.
  • Some can be hired to cook, clean, and manage your tavern.
  • Adventurers can be hired to undertake quests.
  • NPCs can fall in love and marry.
  • Heroes from different alignments can brawl.

Action RPG battle system with PvE and EvE.

  • Accompany heroes on quests and watch, or help, them destroy your enemies.
  • Watch fun battles between bandits, monsters, heroes, and villains.
  • Fight off bandits, monsters, or elven hunters trying to raid your tavern.
  • Organise fight nights between patrons and gamble on the results.

Full story arc

  • Non-compulsory storyline that delves into the mysteries of Fortunes Tavern.
  • Multiple endings depending on alignment and choices.
  • Simulator continues after main quest allowing you the chance to fully upgrade your tavern.

Infinite Quests

  • Randomly generated quests allows for indefinite play.
  • Fight bosses and boss monsters.
  • Search dungeons.
  • Solve puzzles.

What Are You Waiting For Taverners? 

Get Involved And Support This Cool Game Dev And Maybe You Might Just End Up Popping Up As An In Game NPC!

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