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We saw this on Pocket Gamer And Got Really Excited!
The Banner Saga is coming to Android and iOS in September!
Here's what the dudes at Pocket Gamer have to say about the imminent release of Banner Saga,
"Everything about Kickstarted adventure The Banner Saga feels epic, grand, or important.

Like the massive, looming landscapes that your microscopic caravan of Vikings travel across. Or the long conversations, where your dialogue choices can have catastrophic impact on the plot.

And especially the taut turn-based tactics system where fallen heroes are killed off permanently.
Even the score by Journey composer Austin Wintory makes this Saga feel like a real saga.

Then again, you'd expect no less from a bunch of ex Bioware (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) designers, would you?"
Banner Saga is definitely our type of game and we can't wait to get it on the NEXUS 7!!
We'll do a full review once we have it in our posession!
Exciting Times.....
Have You played Banner Saga?
Let Us Know What You Think Of It....

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