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As I think back to some of the great in game items over the years, it is the simple things that stick in my mind.
It also got me thinking,

"What Would Look Cool On A Keyring?"
So I began to list out all my favourite in game items over the years gone by in the hope that one day I will own a 3D Printer and will be able to make my 
"Key Ring Dreams" come true! :)

1. Pac Man Cherries
A standard staple of the early 80's gaming scene, 
I can't look at two cherries without thinking Pac Man.
2. Sonic's Running Shoes
Forget Sonic Rings it's about Sonic's "Power Sneakers" Our blue dude from the 90's was different to all the other platform heroes due to this legendary footwear.
3. MGS Cardboard Box
So simple, yet so effective. I'd like to see a Snake cardboard box hanging from my key ring….wouldn't you? (maybe with his feet hanging out of the bottom)
4. Mario 1 Up
A legendary collectible and a video game icon for all time. The 1Up Mushroom has adorned many things over the years and I'd love to print of a 3D version to carry around with me, I'm sure it would be bring good luck!
5. Link's MasterSword
"It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This!"
6. Fallout Bobblehead
The fallout bobbleheads took up many hours of my time in the wasteland 
(infinitely better than the Snowglobes of New Vegas by the way!)

Scouring every nook and cranny for these bobbly beauties was a great past time and they looked cool on your Bobblehead stand.

I'd love to create my own version for my keyring fantasy! :D
7. Donkey Kong Barrel
The iconic DK Barrel is Donkey Kong's best buddy! Wherever DK goes, the barrel goes!

8. Castlevania Whip
The most badass whip in existence (with Indy's coming in a close second!)

9. Double Dragon Baseball Bat
Unleashing damage onto Machine Gun Willys crew with a discarded baseball bat filled you with a sense of side scrolling power!
10. Firefly Pendant (TLOU)
Finding one of these penadants scattered all over the The Last Of Us game world is a rewarding experience as they are hidden away in all the bits that you shouldn't really look at!

What's Your Personal Favourite 
In Game Item?

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