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Back In January This Year We Previewed The Cool Looking Game "The Secret Cove".......

Now The Good Folk From Cheeky Sprite Projects Are Taking "The Secret Cove" Forward 
That Next Step With A Kickstarter In September.........

"The Secret Cove is a mystical modern day adventure game, with game scenes inspired by the beautiful scenery of Cornwall in the UK.  Your quest is to find the lost treasure of a deceased smuggler from years gone by, hidden deep within the Secret Cove."

In order to make "The Secret Cove" A Reality Cheeky Sprite are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for The Secret Cove on Wednesday 24th September, which will run for 30 days.  

They are also planning to launch a Steam Greenlight campaign in parallel with the Kickstarter. 

So.....What's "The Secret Cove" All About Then? 

Let Us Recap For You.....

"A unique mystical modern day point and click adventure game with game scenes based upon the beautiful visuals of Cornwall UK. 

As a down on your luck out of work deckhand you live in a run down cottage by the beach. 

One Stormy night whilst drowning your sorrows in the local pub you overhear two old fisherman talking tales of Cornish folklore, smuggling and the legend of 'The Secret Cove' .

One of the fishermen arrogantly boasts that he has proof that the legend may just be true, claiming he has the journal of a deceased notorious smuggler that will lead him to lost treasure. 

Your quest, which will immerse you deep into a unique world of stunning scenery & hidden locations is to find the secret cove hidden deep within the lost smugglers tunnels. 

To progress your journey you will need to navigate around the non linear game world, solve puzzles, find artifacts and create tools to help you on your way."

Here's what Cheeky Sprite Projects had to say about what has happened so far in the Game Dev Story Of Secret Cove....
"Back in 2012 we came up with an initial concept idea for a point and click adventure game, a genre we are particularly passionate about. 
After a few months of brainstorming ideas and research, we decided very early 2013 to stop talking about it and take action. 
At that point we closed our books to any new client work and dedicated focus to the creation of 'The Secret Cove'
We wanted to make a game that is not only challenging, has great game play and is good fun but also offers and immersive experience. 
We strive to make an in game world that is interesting, interactive and that looks beautiful. 
A game world where you can be active in the gameplay but also relax and enjoy the scenery around you."
Here's Some Of The Cool Features Cheeky Sprite Want To Include In The Final Game...
  • Beautiful, interactive 3D rendered scenes
  • Particles, a.i. objects and atmospheric sound
  • Includes many well known Cornish towns / landmarks
  • Play on land, underground and underwater
  • Find, combine, craft and use items
  • Many innovative, story relevant puzzles to solve.
  • Many Cornish locations featured eg. St. Ives Wharf, Padstow Harbour, Minack Theatre, St. Michael's Mount, Eden Project, Lost Gardens of Heligan, Tintagel Castle plus many more.

If Successful Secret Cove Will Be Released On:
  • PC 
  • Windows Phone 8 
  • iOS 
  • Android
Follow The Secret Cove's Progress Via These Links:

Kickstarter LINK

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