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Game Dev, Robot Gentleman

Being massive fans of the Fallout series means that any videogame related to nuclear war and it's effects generally get our attention.

60 Seconds sounds like a really interesting concept from the dudes at 
Robot Gentleman so we took some time to find out more about this cool video game.

Zero Seconds Till Impact, Duck and Cover!

"Meet Ted. A hard working citizen and a family man.

Wait a minute... what's that sound? Oh no! It's the nuclear bomb alarm!

Not to worry, Ted knows what to do! The government's superb early

warning system gives Ted 60 seconds to take cover in the fallout shelter
under his house.

That's more than enough time for Ted to collect supplies and of course

his family!

Now Ted can safely enjoy those charming sunsets over the radioactive

wasteland with his loved ones*.

Good luck Ted!"

The cool indie games studio "Robot Gentleman" have announced the imminent release of its new arcade strategy game "60 Seconds!"

60 seconds puts you in the position of knowing that an atomic bomb is about to drop and you will get just 60 seconds to sort through your belongings, take what you need and then Take Cover!

Imagine the dilemmas as you start rooting through your worldly possessions trying to bring your family and supplies to the safety of your very own fallout shelter.

You will have to make that 60 second mad dash truly count as you'll only get one shot at this!

Once you have gathered what you think you will need - you will need to survive down there for as long as you can, with whoever and whatever you brought with you.

The 60 Seconds Game gives you a chance to experience the chilling scenario of an apocalypse first-hand.

Imagine how tough it will be to think quickly and plan for days or even months of your survival in just the 60 seconds you are given?

You will have to dash round your procedural generated and cluttered in game house and grab your loved ones and all important life saving

With only 60 seconds to go, will you be able to reach the shelter before the blast?

What Comes Next?

Decide what to do, when the post-apocalyptic world pushes you into the corner....

Will you risk going outside?

Who will go without dinner, when supplies are low...?

How will you cope with that mutant cockroach infestation?

The guys at Robot Gentleman will be bringing you this dark comedy set in a 1950s suburbia that is seconds away from becoming a pile of radioactive rubble!

All the fun, decisions and the drama will be coming soon on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8....

Keep An Ear Out For The Alarm....!

60 Seconds! is planned for a 2014/2015 release for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

Visit : www.60secondsgame.com

Who Are Robot Gentleman?

Here's some words from the dudes at Robot....

"Robot Gentleman was founded in 2012 by Dominik Gotojuch.

After fantastic, hands-on experience of developing AAA games of the

award winning Fable and Witcher series, he decided to pursue smaller,
unconventional projects in a compact team of like-minded and unorthodox

After concluding his work at Lionhead Studios Dominik decided to create

a game on his own. Little did he know this small game, which later
turned out to be the board-game inspired strategy Intrigue, would take
quite a bit to develop.

Also, he was shocked and appalled to discover he couldn't draw and stick

people are not exactly the desired art style. Bravely ignoring the fact,
he decided the best way to create great games would be with a wildly
creative team.

Despite challenges (and too much hard currency spent on perfecting

Dominik's stick people) the team, composed of artist Juliusz Zenkner,
producer Franciszek Szych and with the support of artist Berenika
Gotojuch, was formed.

That was when we popped a soda, pretending it was a fancy champagne, and

Robot Gentleman was officially established.

Creative energy exploded left and right and soon we found ourselves with

millions of ideas. And we're planning to make them happen. Well, a few
at least.

Apart from creating games, we have also been actively sneaking into game

development conferences, game jams and other events in ambition to
actively pariticpate in game developers' communities and promoting games
as an entertainment and art form. Also, to grab some free snacks."

Do You like The Sound Of This Game?

We Can't Wait To See How It Turns Out!

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