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Video Games

What's the most memorable thing about Bioshock?
The jaw dropping twist in the tale?

The amazing gameworld?


That first encounter with a BIG DADDY!!??!!
For me it was most definitely the moment when you experience the awesome power and devastating scariness of the BIG DADDY!
It was a defining moment in the last generation of video games.
One where you are genuinely scared........
Yesterday I had a repeat of one of those moments........
Video Games

Throughout my first couple of weeks of experiencing The Last Of Us for the first time, I have had many moments where i've smiled, grimaced or genuinely felt scared!!
Yes, the game has got me good and proper.
The stalking of "Clickers" has been my personal favourite past time as I have had to work out how to wisely utilise my available items in order to rid the area of Clickers and at the same time be wary of giving away my position to other clickers.
It's a game of cat and mouse as you try and outwit the physically stronger Clickers and it can be a real challenge to make it through certain areas.
But as long as you maintain a low profile and carefully calculate your route prior to going Gung Ho you are generally ok.....
Now the thing is, I have got to a point in the game where a Clicker is no longer as frightening or daunting as they once were (but they are still a bit off putting though with their maniacal movements and grotesque looks!) and therefore a fresh challenge was maybe needed.
Just like everything else in this game though the timing is perfect. 
Just when you think you have seen most things, then a new encounter comes along and knocks you off your feet!
It came in the form of my first encounter with a "Bloater".........
This dude is one seriously annoyed "clicker" who proves to be more scary and destructive than anything I have encountered so far in this living nightmare of a game world.
As it stumbles around the area trying to hunt me down, it's every footstep brings dread and also spore type attack.
With the aim to stay out of the reach of the "Bloater" and to be flight of foot, for me it brings me back to a direct comparison between THE BIG DADDY!
Just as scary and just as destructive as a BIG DADDY the Bloater turns out to be the most formidable of opponents that requires team tactics to take him down once and for all.
I don't want to spoil anything for those who havnt played TLOU by spilling the beans on exactly what happens when you meet your first bloater, but it's safe to say that "The Bloater" occupies a space in my hall of fame for one of the all time scariest baddy encounters that I have had in video games! 
(2nd of course to those alarming dogs is Resident Evil!! :)
Who's The Scariest Bad Guy {or Gal} 
You Have Ever Encountered In Any Video Game?

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