☆ My Most Anticipated Games To Come From E3 2017 ☆ #GameDev #E32017

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This year's E3 is the first one that I have truly immersed myself into as it would seem that the coverage for this year's premier video games event has been all consuming and further reaching than ever before as it took over my life for 2 weeks.

I watched all of the developer press conferences which I really enjoyed and I soaked up stacks of commentary from the various outlets, but mainly from my favourite website Giant Bomb.com

After being an E3 junkie for a couple of weeks I'm now coming down from my E3 2017 fix and have just begun to piece together my thoughts on my ten most anticipated video games from the show.

It's quite tough to narrow this behemoth of a video game showdown to ten cool things that I just can't wait to play BUT I'm going to give it a go.

Here are my Most Anticipated Games To Come From E3 2017...

1. Kingdom Come Deliverance - Warhorse - www.kingdomcomerpg.com

2. Wolfenstein II "The New Colossus" - Bethesda - www.bethesda.net

3. Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Ubisoft - www.ubisoft.com

4. Mario + Rabbids "Kingdom Battle" - Ubisoft/Nintendo (Switch) - www.ubisoft.com

5. Detroit: Become Human - Sony - www.playstation.com

6. A Way Out - EA - www.ea.com

7. Ashen - Aurora444 - www.ashen-game.com

8. The Last Day Of June - 505 Games - www.lastdayofjunegame.com

9. Undertale - Sony - www.playstation.com

10. The Last Night - Oddtales - www.oddtales.net

So there you have 10 delectable video games for your consumption soon.....

What Was YOUR Favourite E3 2017 Announcement?


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