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Codemasters have been with us since 1986 and their logo from those days is instantly recognisable by retro video gamers the world over.
Brothers David & Richard Darling were two of the famous ‘bedroom coders’ of the 80’s and they famously founded Codemasters and wrote games from their bedrooms that proved mega popular with gamers up and down the UK as they sold them via mail order from the back of video games magazines.

Codemasters was originally known as Electric Games Company Limited when it was originally registered as a company but later that year in 1986 it was changed to Codemasters which is far more catchy than EGCL!

Nowadays they are a pale imitation of this once great company, but they are still one of the oldest British video game developers so it is good to see the name still means something to gamers today especially in terms of the F1 series of games that they continue to develop.

Despite the modern day lack of original IP games, the Codemasters brand has left us with many video game greats down the years and today I’ll be looking at 5 of my favourites from retro gaming times when Codemasters were at the top of their game releasing great games year on year.

1. BMX Simulator – 1986 – Various (Mine was the Atari 800 version)

2. Micro Machines V3 – 1997 – PS1

3. Brian Lara Cricket – 1999 – PS1

4. Super Robin Hood – 1985 – C64

5. Colin McCrae Rally – 1998 – PS1

What’s In Your Favourite Codemasters Video Games?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below...


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